Are Ghost Cats Real?

Ghost cats

When you lose a beloved feline friend, it’s only natural to miss them and still want them around. Perhaps you’ve heard stories about ghost cats, or you could’ve sworn you heard a cat jump in your home, and now you’re wondering whether your own pet might still be in your presence.

With so many people making claims about seeing a ghost cat, it’s hard to believe the stories aren’t true. To know for sure, there are a few things you should look out for to determine whether your furry companion may be visiting you.

Are Ghost Cats Real?

Just like humans, cats are made up of energy, so it only makes sense that when they cross over, their energy has the potential to remain behind. This can be particularly true if a cat was very close to their owner and could sense the grief they would feel if it left.

It’s a known fact that cats are one of the animals that most often see spirits in real life. This is because they don’t have the same lens across their eyes that humans do, which allows them to see UV light.

Cats just have an innate connection to the spiritual realm. They’re intelligent and adaptable creatures, which is why they were the chosen companions of witches and the Ancient Egyptians. There’s something magical about them, which is why they have a greater chance of returning to the earthly realm once they’ve crossed over.

Signs Of A Ghost Cat Visit

If your only cat passed away, you’re likely feeling a sense of sadness and longing. However, your kitten or adult cat may still be visiting you. Here are the signs you should look out for to confirm your suspicions about a ghost cat:

  • Feelings of warmth and love: If you’re just going about your day and suddenly have an overwhelming feeling of warmth and love, it could be a sign that your cat is around.
  • Being touched: Some people report subtle feelings of a cat walking over them or kneading a blanket while they’re lying down.
  • Other pets acting strangely: If you still have other cats or dogs at home, and they’re acting strangely, it could be a sign that a ghost cat is around. Animals that act very curious, excited or make strange noises out of the blue could be reacting to the entity of another animal.
  • Dreams: Are you dreaming about your cat more often than you used to? This could be down to coincidence, or it could be a sign that your feline is trying to communicate with you while you’re in your most relaxed state.
  • Peripheral vision: Just like some people see someone walking across a room out of the corner of their eye, other people could swear they saw their cat in their house. These peripheral visions are another sign that your cat may still be spending time with you.

How To Communicate With A Ghost Cat

Most of today’s ghost hunting equipment is designed for communicating with people who have crossed over. However, there is one device that’s ideal for communicating with ghost cats.

Touch-activated balls, also commonly referred to as cat balls, are a great device for communicating with your deceased feline.

To find out whether your cat is still around, you can ask them to touch or move one of the balls. If they do, it will light up, which indicates they may still be around. This is a particularly useful device if your cat loved playing with toys while they were still alive.

Reasons An Animal Ghost Sticks Around

There are a number of reasons why animals choose to remain after they have passed on.

Take this story from Kristen Youngs from Petful, for example. She spoke to a couple whose family dog, Hobbes, passed away unexpectedly while their son was away at college.

“Robert and Kathy waited until he was home to share the sad news about their beloved dog. When they told him, though, the son looked confused. He’d just petted Hobbes in the hallway.”

Many animals stick around because an owner never had the chance to say farewell. Others remain because they know how much their owner would struggle without them. Some even become their owner’s spirit guide.

Then there are animals who stick around long enough for their owner to process their death and accept that they’re no longer around. Once they do, they cross over.

How To Help A Ghost Cat Cross Over

If you’re a cat lover and want to help your past cats cross over, there are a few things you can do.

Let’s start with something for the adult cats that are still around.

If you’re fortunate to still have your cat with you, but they are ill and are close to the end, you can lie with them and send them loving and healing energy to help them process anything that might keep them from crossing over.

For people who have already lost their sweet feline friends, you can still help them cross over if you suspect they are hanging around. Start by visualising them in your mind – picture as much detail as you can. Next, send them light and loving energy and encourage them to walk towards a bright white light.

You can either think this or say it out loud, but let them know that you love them and even though you will miss them, it’s okay for them to go.


Do cats really have nine lives?

The idea that cats have nine lives originated in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that cats had supernatural powers and the ability to reincarnate. However, cats don’t actually have nine lives. People often believe this because of how adaptable and resilient they are.

Is your first cat more likely to stick around when they die?

This mainly depends on how close you were to your cat. If your beloved pet came to you at a difficult time in your life or if you had a special connection with them, there is a greater chance that they would stick around after they’ve passed.

Can ghost cats make noises?

Just like deceased humans have the ability to manipulate energy and objects to make noises, animals have the ability to do this too. There have been stories of people who have lost pets and experienced objects being pushed over or broken with no explanation. Some people have also reported hearing their pet even after they’ve crossed over.

If you’ve heard the familiar sound of your cat mewing when they’re no longer around, it could be a sign that they’re trying to get your attention.

Can several cats stay with you after they’ve died?

There is no limit to how many of your pets stay with you after they’ve died. Perhaps you always had strong connections with your pets or animals have always been attracted to you, making it more likely for your pets to stick around once they’ve crossed over to the other side.

Can a ghost cat scratch you?

There are countless stories of people waking up with ghost scratches. This could be due to an evil entity or, in other instances, it could be a cat trying to get their attention. Before you decide that it is, in fact, your feline friend, make sure that there are no other possible explanations for the scratches. For example, you could’ve scratched yourself in your sleep or against an object.


All the cats in the world deserve loving owners who don’t want to let them go. So, it’s no wonder, so many cats have a hard time leaving, even after they’ve left the physical realm. Even though life will be different without them, helping your cat cross over by affirming how much they were loved is the best thing you can do.


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