How To Cleanse A Pendulum

How to cleanse a pendulum

In the world of divination, there is a powerful tool capable of connecting us with the spiritual realm. While having a pendulum can be very useful, it will not harness its full power if it’s not cleansed properly.

If this happens, negative energy can impact how effective it is. Pendulum cleansing is more than just a ritual; it gets rid of stagnant energies, aligns intentions, and deepens the connection between you and your pendulum.

Let’s explore why cleansing is so important, and how to use the most effective methods to ensure you have the best experience.

What Is A Pendulum?

A pendulum is a simple yet fascinating divination tool used for divination. It typically consists of a weighted object (crystal, metal or wood), that is suspended from a string or chain. It responds to your body’s energy and movements. When it’s held still and asked a yes or no question, the bob swings or rotates to portray answers from your higher self or subconscious.

The pendulum moves because it’s influenced by something called the Ideomotor Reflex. This is a phenomenon where your inner thoughts trigger involuntary muscle movements. A pendulum completely serves as a channel to tap into your intuition and find answers to your questions.

How To Cleanse A Pendulum

Cleansing your pendulum is a good form of spiritual hygiene. It’s essential to understand when your dowsing tools may need cleansing. If its movements slow down or lose power, it might be a sign that it’s time for a thorough cleansing.

Using your pendulum regularly can attract different energies. Cleansing rituals are beneficial to release and reset any residual or negative energy. Cleansing also ensures that a personal connection is formed with the dowsing tools, making it a mindful practice.

The main benefits of pendulum cleansing are to promote energetic hygiene, prevent cross-contamination of energies, and enhance your spiritual and emotional well-being. Let’s get into how to cleanse a pendulum.

Cleansing methods

  • Salt bath: Salt has protective properties, so submerging your pendulum in a bowl of sea salt or Himalayan salt will help you cleanse it. You could leave it there for a few hours, or overnight. This method works wonders for drawing out negative energies.
  • Smudging: Move your pendulum through the smoke of burning herbs such as cedar, white sage, or palo santo. Ensure the entire item basks in the smoke for a thorough cleanse.
  • Sunlight and moonlight: Place it in direct sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. A full moon would be the best time to place your pendulum outside, as it’s the time when the veil between the earth and the spirit world is the thinnest. The natural energies from the celestial bodies will recharge it, while simultaneously absorbing negative energies.
  • Cleansing crystals: Put your pendulum near clear quartz crystals or on a crystal cluster. The crystals will absorb any negative energies from the pendulum.
  • Sound cleansing: Sound vibrations from a bell, singing bowl, or tuning fork will help to clear the energies around the pendulum. Hold the sound source close to it for a few minutes.
  • Visualisation: This method is highly effective when done with focused intentions. Visualise a stream of pure, white light flowing through and around the pendulum, washing away any impurities.
  • Energy healing and Reiki: If you have experience with energy healing practices like Reiki, use it to your advantage. Your healing energy can cleanse the pendulum. Hold your chain and bob in both hands and channel positive energy through it.
  • Breathing and intentions: Hold the pendulum in your hands and take deep breaths. With each exhale, visualise and set intentions that your breath is clearing away any negative energies. Repeat until you feel the energy is cleansed.

Types Of Pendulums

When getting a brand-new pendulum, it is vital to consider your specific divination needs and the type of energy you resonate with. Each type of pendulum may bring its own unique qualities to your divination practice:

  • A crystal pendulum is made from crystals like amethyst, clear quartz, or rose quartz. Each crystal is assigned to unique energies that can enhance your divination skills.
  • Gemstone pendulums are very similar to crystal pendulums but can have specific gemstones or semi-precious stones attached to them for additional energy properties.
  • Metal pendulums are crafted out of metals such as copper or brass. These pendulums have conductive energy and are very durable.
  • Wooden pendulums are, of course, carved out of wood. These pendulums often have a natural and earthy feel. Wood is associated with grounding energies and different trees are associated with different earth energy.
  • Chakra pendulums are designed to align with your body’s chakra system. They feature colours and crystals that align with each chakra of your body for balancing and energy work.
  • Egyptian pendulums have been inspired by ancient Egyptian designs and symbols, these pendulums often have a sense of historical connection as well as mysticism.
  • Dowsing rod pendulums have additional features for specific divination practices.
  • Pendulum mats/boards are sometimes included in pendulum sets. These mats have specific symbols or markings which are meant to be used as a designated space for divination and energy work.

Communicate With Your Pendulum

Communicating with and programming a pendulum is the perfect way to create a strong connection and set intentions for its use. Here are a few simple steps on how to do it:

  1. Find a space that is quiet where you can focus. Centre yourself by taking a few deep breaths to clear your mind.
  2. Hold it in your dominant hand. Take a few moments and allow it to hang freely, keeping it still and ensuring it is not influenced by external forces.
  3. Ask simple questions with known answers to program it for yes or no responses. Take note of the directions for “yes” and “no” responses. You can also verbally say which specific movement represents “yes” and which movement represents “no.”
    Ask questions like “Is my name [your name]?” or “Do I live at [your address]?” to study the pendulum’s responses.
  4. State your intentions clearly, whether it’s for energy healing, divination, or any specific purpose. This step helps program the pendulum with your specific intentions and energy.
  5. Regularly have practice sessions to strengthen your connection. The more you use the pendulum, the more accustomed it becomes to your energy and intentions.
  6. Recognise the pendulum as a tool for guidance and insight, and always treat it with gratitude and respect. This positive attitude reflects on you and ensures a harmonious and effective communication process.

Remember that programming a pendulum is an intuitive process. Each individual may experience slightly different responses, so trust your instincts to develop a method that feels right for you. Regularly practising and having a positive mindset will ensure that the communication between you and your pendulum stays responsive and effective.


What is the history of pendulums?

According to Wilde Folk, pendulums date back to 400 BCE: “Historically, pendulums have been used by the Pythian Oracle of Delphi (400 BCE), French Explorers, Mathematicians (1600).”

What are the rules of pendulum dowsing?

Handling your tool correctly is an important part of pendulum dowsing. Hold the cord or chain at the end, securing it between your thumb and index finger, and face your palm downward. Refrain from only letting it dangle over one finger. Allow the bob to move freely. Keep your forearm in a straight line for the best results.

What makes a dowsing pendulum work?

A pendulum can only work by tapping into your sixth sense and intuition. Think of it as a transmitter and receiver. The energy that you push out, you get back through this form of divination.


Cleansing your pendulum regularly ensures that it stays in tune with positive energies, and will provide you with insightful and accurate readings. Make use of cleansing methods to maintain a strong and reliable connection with your divination tool for a more fulfilling experience.

Always remember that the relationship you build with your pendulum is vital as it’s the channel between you and the spirit world. A cleansed pendulum will lead to more accurate and beneficial divination sessions.

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