How To Do A Séance? And The History Behind them.

how to do a séance

“We’re here to lay out the basic rules for communicating responsibly with the other side.”

In a softly lit room, people gather around a table, hands joined, hoping to hear from the other side. The word ‘séance’ brings to mind old-time parlours, gentle candlelight, and mysterious voices from beyond. But what is a séance, and how do you hold one? Join SpiritShack in uncovering the secrets and steps of this age-old tradition.


“Séance” comes from the French word meaning “session”. It traditionally represents a gathering where people try to talk to the spirits of those who passed away. The practice sometimes involves a medium’s help. People like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle found séances fascinating, making them even more popular.

19th Century Spiritualism: The 19th century was a golden era for séances. Even more so in places like the US and Europe. There was a mix of heightened spiritual interest and the poignant pain of losing loved ones in wars. And it drove many towards mediums and séances searching for comfort and answers.

Famous Figures: The idea of speaking with the departed is familiar to Western cultures. Ancient shamans drummed in secluded forests to Asian rituals honouring ancestors. There are various forms of spirit communication practised worldwide. Séances, in a way, became the West’s rendition of these age-old practices.

Modern Times: It wasn’t just the common folk drawn to séances. Renowned people, like the writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, became advocates. Their fascination and endorsement added layers to its allure. It was making the séance a subject of dinner-table conversations and literary explorations.


So, you want to know how To Do A Séance? While films and fiction might paint fantastical images, real-life séances can be profound and moving experiences.


The stage you set can be your strongest asset in a delicate link between the living and the ethereal.

Choose a Quiet Location: As the day fades, find a quiet place. It could be a cosy room filled with memories or a particular outdoor area where you feel close to nature. This peaceful setting helps welcome spirits.

Set the Ambiance: Lighting a candle does more than light up a room. The gentle glow of candles is like a signal to the spirits. Some say that the warm light of a candle flame can draw spirits near.

Arrange Seating: Have you ever seen how stone circles of ancient times emanated an aura of unity? Drawing inspiration, arrange your chairs in a circle. It symbolizes the eternal cycle of life and collective energy. This formation binds participants in a shared journey, creating a single conduit for flowing energies.


Every séance is a shared experience, and the partners you get with you can mend your whole Séance experience.

four people conducting a séance

The Right Number: Folklore and traditions often speak of the power of numbers. While the universe doesn’t adhere to strict rules, groups of 3 to 10 often strike a harmonious balance. It’s similar to a chorus where each voice complements the other, creating a symphony that calls out to the otherworldly.

The Role of a Medium: An experienced medium can guide it through turbulent waters, ensuring safe passage. In the complexities of séances, mediums play a similar role. Their intuition, honed over time, acts as a compass, helping navigate the mystical communication channels and anchoring spiritual energies.


Venturing into the unknown requires a compass, a clear vision, and purpose.

Opening Statement: Begin with words that resonate deep within. A simple proclamation like, “With open hearts, we gather to bridge worlds, seeking messages in love and light,” can act as your North Star, guiding energies and intentions.

Protection: Folk tales abound with tales of guardians—be they angels, spirits, or ancestral guides. Before embarking, seek their shelter. A humble invocation or prayer can act as a shield. And ensure that only benevolent energies heed your call.


The séance is a blend of energies, a nuanced interplay between realms.

Joining Hands: Envision a circuit where energy flows unhindered. The ritual of joining hands creates this pathway. It’s more than a gesture—it’s a symbol of unity. It’s a collective promise to support and guide one another through the experience.

Patient Waiting: As a petal takes time to unfurl under the caress of dawn, spirits might also take their time to connect. Embrace the silence, the anticipation. Let the moments of calm resonate with your hopes, creating a gentle echo that the spirits can follow.

Using Tools: A séance might require specific tools. Pendulums sway to unseen energies, Ouija boards spell out mysteries, and spirit boxes capture whispers from the ether. However, wield these with wisdom. Treat them not as toys but as sacred instruments deserving respect and caution. In addition to the traditional tools, you can channel the technology. And include some  motion detector alarms and SLS cameras for ghost hunting.


No matter how enchanting, every tale has its conclusion—a gentle end to the mystic communion.

Post communication, let gratitude be your parting gift. A simple “Thank you” resonates in realms beyond ours. Finally, picture a luminous cocoon of white light enveloping each participant. This visualization acts as a gentle barrier, signifying the session’s closure. And it ensures that all remain safeguarded in the embrace of the protective light.


  • Do approach the séance with an open heart and mind.
  • Do remember that spirits were once living beings deserving of respect.
  • Don’t conduct a séance if you feel fearful or sceptical.
  • Don’t force spirits to communicate; they may choose to remain silent.


Over the years, séances have attracted their fair share of sceptics. Some have dismissed mediums as charlatans, while others believe the mind can play tricks. These mixed views lead to varied beliefs regarding communications from the beyond. It’s vital to approach séances with a discerning mind. And it’s to respect the opinions and experiences of others.

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What is the primary purpose of a séance?

The primary purpose of a séance is to communicate with spirits. And speak to those who have passed away. To seek answers and messages or to connect with the other side.

How important is the role of a medium in a séance?

It’s possible to conduct a séance without a medium. But an experienced medium can provide guidance, ensure safety, and act as a bridge between worlds.

Why is protection crucial during a séance?

The protection ensures that only benevolent spirits and energies come. It can shield participants from potentially harmful entities.

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