My House Is Haunted, What Do I Do?

My house is haunted

How To Tell If My House Is Haunted

When you hear a strange noise at night and think back to ghost stories told around the fire, your first thought might be, “Oh no, my house is haunted!”

Before you get into a panic, let’s first look at some tell-tale signs that those creepy noises may be because of something paranormal that calls your house its home.

1. There is a weird smell and you can’t tell where it comes from

If you are dealing with a smell, but you’ve emptied your fridge and washed the dog a dozen times and still can’t find the source, you are probably dealing with a “phantom scent.”

Are you smelling something sour? A perfume that doesn’t belong to you? Is there a lingering smell of cigars when no one smokes? Phantom odours are so common, that even scientists are looking into it.

But any psychic medium will tell you: that odd smell is definitely something spooky in your house!

2. Sudden temperature changes

If you suddenly walk through cold spots or one room is colder than the rest, it might be because there is a paranormal energy source lurking about. It is time to whip out your thermal imaging camera and scan the room to see where the cold is coming from!

3. Bumps at night (and day!)

If you are thinking “My house is haunted” because you are hearing creepy noises, you should first rule out the more obvious causes like rats, raccoons, or someone living in your attic.

But, regular strange noises in a house that can’t be debunked most likely have an eerie origin.

4. Your phone is always dying

Is your phone’s battery draining quickly without you using it? A spirit could be absorbing the energy from your tech.

We all know that ghosts like to communicate through electric signals, so it just makes sense that they need a reliable source of electric power to manifest themselves.

5. Tingling on the back of your neck

You must’ve experienced it before: that sensation where it feels like all the hairs on the back of your neck are standing up.

Trust your intuition! If you are getting literal chills up your spine, it may be time to reach out to the paranormal experts, as not only may be your house haunted, but you might be too.

What To Do When You Suspect Your House Is Haunted

Okay, so now you can say with certainty “Yep, my house is haunted”. But, what next?

1. Document everything

Keep a detailed journal of everything that you’ve experienced. Make sure to note the date, time and room, as well as the conditions (weather outside, any noteworthy occurrences) for each event.

Try to give detailed descriptions of what happened, whether it is phantom scents, noises or sensations.

2. Try to debunk it

Even if you are a believer in the paranormal, begin by trying to rule out a natural cause for your haunted happenings. Begin by consulting professionals like plumbers, structural engineers, or electricians.

New owners will often take a while to get used to the noises and sensations of a new house, so it’s best not to jump to “My house is haunted, time to move!” as soon as something goes bump at night.

3. Consult a medium

If you’ve ruled out everything else, and you are convinced it is paranormal activity that is unsettling your happy home, it is time to get professional help.

The help of a psychic medium can also be enlisted to attempt to contact the ghouls and ghosts and find out what they want.

4. Start surveillance

You are going to need some ghost-hunting equipment to spot the ghosts in action. You can rig cameras, motion-activated trip wires and motion-activated lights around the house to spot any activity.

If you intend to do any ghost-hunting yourself while the medium is there, or before they arrive, you are also going to need EMF sensors, thermal cameras and EVP recorders to document any strange activity.

5. Time to call on paranormal experts

You’ve documented your experiences, a medium made contact, and you have plenty of proof. Now it is time for the paranormal investigation.

Get a professional team with the right equipment to come into your home and do their own investigation (more on this below). Their findings may align with yours!

6. Set your boundaries

If ghosts, spirits or entities are living in your home, it is time to set your boundaries. You can politely request that the ghosts respect your personal space. If the entities are positive, state that they are welcome to remain, as long as they do not disrupt your way of living or give you frights.

7. Consider cleansing

Living with paranormal activity can be unsettling, which is why many people decide to cleanse or bless their homes. This can be done through a sage cleansing or smudging ceremony where negative energy is banished, and positive intentions are set.

How To Clear Ghosts From A Haunted House

Above, we discussed what to do when you firmly believe you are living in a haunted house. We touched on how to potentially get rid of the ghosts, but let’s delve into more detail:

  • Ghost the ghosts: You’ve heard of the term “ghosting” where you just ignore someone. Well, you can try to do the same with ghosts. Stop giving them attention and they may simply move on. Skip the Ouija Board sessions, you don’t want to invite in more energy from the spiritual world.
  • Cleanse the space: As mentioned above, a cleansing ritual will rid your home of negative or dark energies.
  • Use crystals and candles for protection: Tourmaline crystals and candles can be used for protection. Place the crystals and candles around your living space, or wear a crystal around your neck.
  • Ensure positive sleep: Before going to sleep, use your finger to draw a circle of protection above you. You can also place amethyst crystals, salt or lavender next to your bed or under your pillow.

How Can Paranormal Investigators Help?

Telling a paranormal investigator “My house is haunted, help!” is one thing, but what exactly will these experts do when they arrive?

The investigators will use ghost-hunting tools to inspect your home:

  • EMF meter
  • Digital thermometer
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Infrared camera

They will analyse the data and provide advice based on the results.


Are all ghosts evil?

No, all ghosts are not evil. Although there are some dark poltergeists who demand attention in cruel ways, a lot of the surrounding spirits are simply people who previously lived and whose souls continue to exist in our world.

Can pets interact with ghosts in a haunted house?

Animals have heightened senses and can detect environmental changes. If your pet suddenly barks or hisses, or starts staring at one spot, they may be sensing something otherworldly.

Final Thoughts

Feeling that your house is haunted can be very unsettling. No one likes to feel unsafe in their home. Luckily, there are some things you can do when your house is haunted, including attempting to get rid of the ghosts or negative energies yourself.

Don’t fret, most ghosts are friendly and may only need some gentle persuasion to leave you alone.


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