All The Types Of Divination

Whether you need a Divination to help with a paranormal investigation, sensing energy or for guidance. SpiritShack has a range to suit your needs. The Ouija Board is possibly one of the most notorious tools for divination. It has been used for centuries for communicating with spirits and entities.

Ouija Boards come in many forms, but most Ouija Boards usually take a similar form. They are usually a large board that contains letters and a “yes” and “no” option, and come with a planchette which is usually made from wood. Which users all put their hands on in order to ‘channel’ the energy from surrounding spirits into whichever words or phrases are discovered through the board.

Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards have opened up a whole new world of sophisticated communication with ghosts and spirits. As you are able to ask open-ended questions rather than the usual yes/no answers gained from when using a trigger object such as a Rem Pod for example.

Woman using a pendulum for divination

Pendulums for Divination

Our Spirit Shack Light Up LED Crystal Pendulums for ghost hunting and divination are a fun spin on the classic pendulum for divination. These are a one of a kind object exclusive to SpiritShack and can be used to communicate with paranormal entities. Pendulums are one of the most commonly used tools for communicating with paranormal entities. And have been used throughout the paranormal investigation community to get a range of answers from entities and spirits.

Tarot Cards for Divination

The use of Tarot Cards for divination purposes has been used as far back as the 15th century. They can be used in a number of ways, but most commonly are used by individuals to gain a better understanding of their own life. Or the life of the person for which they are conducting the reading. They have a long history of being linked to the occult and are used mostly by psychic mediums. Witches and fortune-tellers, but also individuals who are looking for some clarity and guidance for their own life.

Wheel of fortune tarot card in card reading

Dowsing Rods for Divination

Dowsing rods have been used for generations to find hidden energy which could possibly lie below the earth’s surface. Such as water, power lines, lost property, buried treasure and possibly even human bodies. They are used for divination purposes also, and have been used on paranormal investigations to alert investigators of any energy which may be in the surrounding area. They are even known as ‘Divining Rods’ or ‘Witching Sticks’. And have always been considered a somewhat ‘taboo’ device in society, due to their ability to sense energy and their links to the occult.

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