What Does A Dream About Ghosts Mean?

What does a dream about ghosts mean?

The Symbolism of Ghosts in Dreams

Most people have dreams, from dreams of walking, to dreams of flying. Ghost dreams can be really rich and full of symbolism, and may even be trying to tell you something – if you’re prepared to listen! Although the meaning of ghost dreams can change depending on context and specific elements within your dream, there are a few common explanations that seem to be a recurring theme in several dreams about ghosts.

Here are just some of the symbolic meanings and interpretations that come from ghost dreams:

  • Unresolved emotions: Ghosts may sometimes symbolize unresolved matters from the past. These unresolved issues may have specific emotions attached to them that may linger in the subconscious mind and can bleed into your dreams from your waking life. Dreams about ghosts may be a sign that you need to address these negative emotions head-on.
  • Grief and loss: In a study published by Joshua Black, it was noted that 86.2% of participants had a dream about their deceased partner. This prompted Black to determine that “Dreaming of the deceased seems to be a very common experience after loss.” So, although it can be pretty alarming to dream of a dead person (especially if they’ve recently passed), it’s a way to grieve.
  • Fears of death: Since ghosts are symbolic of the afterlife, dreams about ghosts can potentially be linked to your fear of mortality and the unknown. These fears could be a reflection of a vulnerable emotional state. They can also be caused by anxieties in your own life, death, or the death of someone close to you.
  • Guidance: Some people may believe that seeing a ghost in your dreams could be because you’re actually getting a visit from a spirit. According to certain dream interpreters, this spirit could be trying to convey a message, give you guidance, or serve as a warning.
  • Freedom: If you feel overwhelmed or oppressed by a ghost in your dreams, it may be because you’re seeking out freedom. You may feel as though you’re not in control of your own life, which can cause your mind to create scenarios in which you feel trapped or restrained when you’re asleep.

Ghost Dream Scenarios and What They Mean

While it can be helpful to know what a dream is trying to tell you, it can be pretty tricky to put a finger on the interpretation of your dream based on the specific scenario you’re dreaming about. For example, dreaming of someone who has passed could be part of the grieving process, but it could also be interpreted as having unfinished business with this person.

So let’s break down specific dream scenarios and what they could potentially represent.

Deceased loved ones

This type of dream may typically symbolize a deep yearning for a connection with someone who has passed away. It can also serve as a profound way of coping with grief and could be a way to move towards emotional healing. In some cases, the presence of a loved one in your dreams can give you solace and closure.

It’s believed that these dreams could be a way to connect with your loved ones, settle unfinished business, say things that were left unsaid, or even seek forgiveness from them.

Malevolent ghosts

Dreaming of menacing or malevolent spirits is generally representative of your underlying fears and anxieties. In fact, these spirits may mirror your own inner turmoil. These dreams can serve as a gentle nudge from your subconscious mind to confront the issues that haunt you.

A ghost in your home

Imagine turning the corner of your hallway and seeing a ghost in the middle of your living room! The thought alone is enough to make our blood run cold, but this dream scenario is much more common than you may think.

If you’re dreaming about a friendly ghost, you can rest easy. This could be a sign that you’re at peace and that you feel content in your home life. However, if you’re dreaming about a poltergeist or sinister spirit, you’re more than likely feeling guilty or ill at ease about something.

A ghost attacking you

Ghost attack dreams represent feelings of being overpowered by outside forces in your life. A dream of a ghost attacking you can cause feelings of fear and anxiety, but they don’t necessarily have a negative meaning. Instead, it may be a way to remind you to be resilient and strong, no matter what challenges you may be facing.

Being followed by a ghost

Do you remember the all-consuming dread you would feel as a child when you felt as if something unseen was right behind you? Well, these feelings may tend to pop up again in dreams, and even if you don’t ‘see’ the ghost that is following you, you can definitely feel its presence.

These dreams may be a metaphor for lingering emotional baggage or issues from your past coming back to haunt you. When you experience these dreams, you may want to explore the hidden meaning behind these feelings and address the problems you may be running away from.

Speaking to a ghost

Communicating with ghosts in a dream can represent several things. The real meaning behind these dreams depends on the context of the conversation, as well as the content (are they giving you advice, warning you, or having a nonsensical conversation?). Be sure to pay close attention to what the spirit is trying to tell you! This could help you to uncover the real meaning behind your dream.

Being possessed by evil spirits

Have you ever had a feeling of dread as you’re falling asleep? These feelings can lead to some pretty scary dreams, including those of being possessed by evil spirits. While this can be terrifying (to say the least), you may actually be experiencing sleep paralysis. In this case, you may need to consult a healthcare professional to address this issue.


How can I turn negative ghost dreams into positive experiences?

Interpreting your dreams is a big step toward changing your perception of ghostly dreams. By keeping a dream journal and working through the potential meaning behind your dreams, you may be able to find a deeper understanding of what they mean. In turn, you can analyse what you’ve written and find the positive meanings behind your spooky dream scenarios.

What is the significance of ghost dreams from a biblical perspective?

In some cases, ghost dreams may be interpreted in two different ways according to the Bible. Firstly, God may be sending you a prophetic dream to help guide you through certain issues in your life.

On the other hand, some Christians who believe in ghosts may be a little spooked if spectres start to pop up in their dreams. This is because ghosts can be interpreted as a manifestation of a spiritual attack from an evil spirit or demon.

What is the ghost emoji?

A ghost emoji is a graphical symbol depicting a cartoon style ghost. It’s often used to convey a sense of fun and spookiness.

Final Thoughts

Dreams about spirits and ghosts can be unsettling and more than a little alarming. But not all of these dreams are negative – and they definitely don’t have to be scary! By understanding what your dreams may be trying to tell you, you can move forward and turn a haunting experience into a positive one.


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