What Does Dreaming About Ghosts Mean?

What does dreaming about ghosts mean?

Seeing Ghosts In Your Dreams

Dreaming about ghosts can be very disconcerting: and you may ask, why am I seeing dead people?

Psychologists believe that ghosts in dreams could be because unresolved emotions are weighing you down, or that something is preventing you from performing at your best.

Ghosts in dreams can take the shape of a shadowy figure or a simple wisp of light. It could be someone you know in real life or a stranger.

Whatever the case, a ghost dream can have either a positive or negative symbolic meaning.

Positive interpretations

  • Spirit guide showing you the way
  • Your subconscious attempting to heal an emotional wound
  • Letting go of a deceased loved one
  • Bringing closure
  • A messenger helping you navigate your emotional state

Negative interpretations

  • Manifestation of anxiety or fear
  • Fearing a personal loss
  • Feeling invisible or inadequate
  • A sense that something in your life isn’t right
  • Being disconnected from life.

Breaking Down What Ghost Dreams May Represent

We will explore ghost dreams in greater detail below, but let’s first discuss the symbolism behind ghost dreams.

Unfinished business

Most often, a ghost dream symbolises unfinished business. Ghosts can represent regrets in life which we feel we still need to fix. The unfinished business could be related to grief, loss or guilt.

When you dream about ghosts, it could be that you are struggling to heal from something in life, or that something needs to be concluded – whether it is a project, event or an issue with another person.

Issue needing to be addressed

It is very easy to procrastinate when it comes to difficult issues. Ghosts can represent the need to address whatever is bothering you, acting as a sort of wake-up call to no longer avoid the unavoidable.

Note: The bigger the problem that you are dodging; the more intimidating the ghost.

Time for self-reflection

Ghosts appearing in your dreams mean there may be some unexplored aspects of yourself. You may find that you are losing grip on your subconscious mind.

You may even have a personality trait that is causing harm to others that you are completely unaware of. It’s time to do some self-reflection and deep dive into who you are.

Holding up a mirror to your insecurities

One ghostly dream meaning could be the ghosts reflecting your own insecurities or fears. Your dreams are projecting what you deny or don’t like about yourself.

Not reaching your goals

Most of us have ideals or goals in life.

Dreaming about a ghost could mean that you have not yet achieved the things you want to achieve. It’s your inner voice calling out to you, begging you to fulfil what is missing from your life.

Grieving a loss

Whether you lost a loved one, your job, money, or a relationship – ghosts can represent your grief.

It’s time to observe your emotions and allow yourself to grieve your loss.

Threat to who you are

Most of us know who we are on the inside, but we struggle to portray that to other people. Dreaming about a ghost may mean that you are not being seen for who you really are, or that you feel invisible.

It is time to regain your self-esteem and find your intrinsic value!

Message from the afterlife

When you dream of the ghost of a dead person you were close to, it might actually be that person reaching out to you from the afterlife.

If ghosts are real, they may have a message to pass on or provide you with guidance on steps you should take in life.

A spirit guide

If you believe in the spirit world, then such dreams about ghosts could be your spirit guide reaching out. They may be attempting to open your eyes to the mysteries that surround you or nudge you towards the right path in life.

Indication of disease

This dream meaning is a bit of a downer – a ghost in your dream may be telling you that you have an underlying or serious illness.

Types Of Ghost Dreams And What They Mean

We all have different dreams, and trying to write about every possible dream meaning that featured a ghost is near impossible.

Below we have highlighted some of the most common ghost dreams and what they mean.

1. A ghost attacking you

Talk about a nightmare!

Having a ghost attacking you in a dream can be terrifying. The meaning behind it is that you are feeling out of control and overwhelmed.

It could also represent your fear of the unknown and worrying about things that must still occur. That overwhelming sense of impending doom will manifest itself in your subconscious and haunt your dreams in the shape of a ghostly attack!

You are also probably feeling quite emotionally vulnerable, which makes it difficult for you to tackle these overwhelming and negative emotions head-on.

2. Turning into a ghost

Dreaming about turning into a ghost yourself? Hate to break it to you, but you are probably feeling a bit guilty about something you did!

Such a dream is challenging you to pay attention to your inner voice and confront your guilt.

3. Being possessed by ghosts or evil spirits

Becoming possessed (or paralysed) by a spirit or ghost possibly means that you have sleep paralysis. It can be horrible to feel like you are awake and can’t move while a ghost or demon is leaning over you, trying to break into your mind.

To fix this, start practising healthy habits before bed and get that nighttime routine down to a T.

4. Fighting with a ghost

When you are fighting with a ghost or evil spirit in your dream (meaning physically or verbally) it means you are in conflict with yourself. But, there is good news! If you win the fight, it may represent that your situation in life is going to improve.

5. Being choked by a ghost

If a ghost is suffocating you in your dream, it indicates that your goals are being blocked by someone or something.

You have to reassess your chosen path to achieving your goals and find new ways to reach them.

6. Talking to a ghost

Dreaming that you are having a nice chat with a ghost?

It might be that the ghost is trying to help you navigate a difficult situation in life – it is all about what you were talking about.

This kind of dream can also relate to your fear of dying.

7. Dreaming about walking

Dreaming about walking quickly often means you are heading towards your goals and where you want to be.

Walking slowly or walking uphill is often thought to mean there’s a struggle in your life that is taking time to overcome.


What do ghost dreams mean from a Biblical perspective?

Since Christians don’t really believe in ghosts – as the Bible says there is only Heaven and Hell after death – it could mean that the spirit is being attacked by dark forces or demons.

Can ghost dreams serve as an early warning sign for potential emotional issues in life?

Absolutely, ghost dreams may serve as an indicator of unresolved emotional or psychological challenges.

Can children see ghosts?

Many children report seeing ghosts all around the world. Scientists claim that it is imagination, and it’s a normal part of a child’s mental development. While believers claim children are more open-minded and can see things we can’t do later in adulthood.

Final Thoughts

Occasionally, ghosts appear in our dreams. They could be messengers from the other side, or simply be a reflection of something you are struggling with.

When you dream about ghosts, write down your dream and sit with it for a bit, coming to your own conclusions as to what the dream was trying to show your slumbering mind.

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