What Is A Medium In Ghost Hunting?

What is a medium in ghost-hunting

If you are going ghost hunting, you have probably stocked up on all the ghost hunting equipment you’ll need.

However, what happens when you’ve found a ghost? How do you communicate with them? People always look for ways to communicate with spirits, and this is where mediums come in. So, what is a medium’s role in a ghost hunt? Let’s explore this a little deeper.

What Is A Medium’s Role In Ghost Hunting?

Mediums are like conduits between the living and the dead. They have a way of communicating with the spirit world. So, while ghost hunters often make use of ghost hunting equipment like EVP recorders and EMF readers to find a ghost, sometimes all it takes is a medium to communicate with the spirits of the dead.

Mediums can also help you understand the readings from your ghost communicators. For example, an EVP recording might capture a voice, but a medium could tell you who the voice belongs to, what they are saying, or why they have not moved on yet.

Mediums have a greater sensitivity to spiritual energy. They bridge the gap between the dead and the living and have various ways to communicate with spirits, which is why they can be valuable assets when ghost hunting. They offer valuable insights into paranormal activities that your ghost hunting equipment may miss.

Methods Used By Mediums

Mediumship comes in various forms, and individuals have different abilities. In a ghost hunt, using a spiritualist medium to contact the other realm may be a good option. Here are some of the methods they use:

  • Trance mediumship: Trance mediumship is also known as trance channelling. A medium goes into a trance, opening up the possibility of the spirit communicating through them. The spirit uses the medium’s body or a part of their consciousness to channel messages to the living. It is like the medium tuned into a radio channel to transmit the messages across.
  • Clairvoyance: Some mediums can see the spirits almost as if they had a physical body. This is called clairvoyance. They can often also see past events, like what happened to you in a past life, or they may glimpse into the future and provide you with warnings of what is yet to come.
    In popular culture, clairvoyance is possibly the most commonly known form of communicating with the other side.
  • Clairaudience: Clairaudient mediums can tune into the spirit world and hear what is being said. This could be conversations or whispers among spirits. While they don’t necessarily catch sight of the spirits, they do have the ability to pass on messages that they hear from the other side.
  • Clairsentience: Clairsentient mediums do not see or hear the spirits. Instead, they sense spiritual energy. They can sense a variety of emotions, like happiness, sadness, and anger, possibly caused by the spirit’s physical death. In many instances, their finely tuned senses allow them to convey information from one world to another.
  • Claircognisance: Some mediums don’t experience visions or a presence in the room. They just have a sudden clarity or understanding of situations or circumstances about the ghosts. They can obtain information that is not available in our physical world.

Additional methods

Automatic writing

Automatic writing happens when a medium goes into a trance-like state and starts writing. The writing is believed to be a message from ghosts. This can be useful during a ghost hunt if spirits want to convey a message.


Everything has energy, and ghosts seem to leave a lot of it around. So, when mediums pick up an object that belonged to or had something to do with the ghost in the physical world, they can pick up on these energies. Some mediums are so finely tuned that they can merely touch an object to pick up on any spiritual impressions left behind.

Are Psychics And Mediums The Same?

While psychics and mediums both have extrasensory perception (ESP), they tend to use their abilities in different ways. It is important to note that not all psychics are mediums, and not all mediums have psychic abilities. Some people have spirit guides that help connect them with ghosts and interpret the events that kept them in our fleshly realm.


Someone with psychic abilities is very highly tuned into the world of the living. They pick up on energy from people and gather their information. Then, they make use of different methods to provide an interpretation of their impressions. These methods may include using tarot cards, reading the stars (astrology), or using their intuitive abilities to provide answers to the living.

When using their psychic ability, these types of mediums can see possible future events, past events, and sometimes even people’s thoughts.

Mediums and psychic mediums

Mediums also have an ESP ability, but they use their abilities to communicate with the spirit world. Although the terms psychic medium and medium are often used interchangeably, they are not quite the same. A psychic medium can read both the living and the dead. They pick up on energy or vibes from both sides.

Types Of Mediumship In Ghost Hunting

A healing medium will try to help a ghost find peace so that it can move on from this realm, whereas a physical medium has personal interactions with a ghost.

You may have seen platform mediumship in action on TV. This is where someone like John Edwards does live readings for audience members to contact the spirits of deceased loved ones.

Edwards notes “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”. Perhaps this explains why some people have the innate ability to communicate with ghosts and perform mediumship. Having a good sense of your own psychic abilities may open the door for spirit energy to enter and for spiritual guidance from the other side.

Choosing A Medium For Ghost Hunting

With each medium having varying abilities, it is important to choose the right medium for the hunt.

Here are a couple of points to keep in when it comes to choosing a medium:

  • A medium should always display respect for the spirits of the dead.
  • They should be mindful of the emotional well-being of people in mourning.
  • Keen psychic senses and the ability to form a connection with the spirit.

Choose a medium that can use a variety of methods to contact ghosts, including meditation, seances, pendulums, tarot cards, spirit boards, or other spiritual tools. Some mediums receive messages from spirits through visions, audio, or physical sensations. You can then incorporate this person’s skills into the ghost hunt to round off the hunting experience.


Are mediums real?

Throughout the ages, some people have pretended to be genuine but have turned out to be fraudulent mediums. If the medium does a cold reading, it is not proof that the medium will be any help during a ghost hunt. However, some ghost hunters believe that genuine mediums can provide valuable insights that logic cannot explain.

Do mediums speak to spirits when helping the police?

Some mediums have been able to help law agencies find missing people because of their psychic abilities. Other mediums have been able to solve cold cases with help from a spirit guide.

Mediums may be able to shed light on a location’s history, identify the spirits, or uncover their motivations and unfinished business. By establishing a connection with the spirits, they can help bring closure to issues and find a peaceful resolution.

Final Thoughts

If you have experienced psychic phenomena yourself, you probably have some sort of psychic ability. Your skills may be useful to ghost hunters as you complement their hunting tools and equipment.

Many mediums act as bridges between the living and the dead, and they offer insightful feedback on paranormal activity. Perhaps you are about to join the intriguing world of psychic mediums…


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