What Is The Spiritual Realm?

Spiritual realm

Ever wondered what lies beyond the everyday world? Welcome to the Spiritual Realm or the Afterlife, Astral plane, Heaven, Hell, Paradise – whatever you want to call it.

You might have heard about this mystical dimension if you’ve ever rubbed shoulders with mystics or dripped your toes into ethereal topics. It’s the unseen counterpart to our familiar physical world.

But what is it, and why do countless religions and philosophies obsess over it? Here, we reveal all – exploring its meaning, significance, and what science has to say.

The Spiritual Realm Explained

The spiritual realm, also known as the spiritual world, is an unseen dimension – a mysterious space we discover through spiritual practices. Here, spiritual beings and forces are at play.

This realm, invisible to our physical eyes, is where spirits reside, potentially influencing our material existence and everyday experiences.

Definition of a spiritual reality

Imagine a place that’s invisible and out of sight but definitely not out of influence. This is the spirit realm. It’s a parallel universe of sorts, bustling with activity and governed by its own set of rules, much like our physical world.

Here, the usual laws of nature take a back seat to something more… celestial. It’s where the ordinary meets the divine. As beings with a spiritual spark, we’re not just wandering around in this realm; we’re part of its very fabric, connected to each other and to life’s deepest mysteries.

The Different Meanings Of The Spiritual Realm

The spirit realm encompasses everything that exists beyond our physical reality. But that doesn’t mean it holds the same meaning for everyone.

The term “spiritual realm” may sound like just one place, but it’s anything but that. Depending on who you ask, the spirit realms go by various names and interpretations.

  1. The domain of spirits and ghosts: Spirits are ethereal beings without a corporeal form. They exist in this dimension and have a connection to our world, occasionally influencing it.
  2. A parallel universe: For the quantum physics enthusiasts out there, the spirit realm resembles a parallel universe that coexists with our own.
  3. A place with different physics: All spiritual realms have their own set of laws. Here, gravity might not even be a thing.
  4. Where our higher selves reside: Some believe that while we inhabit the physical world, our higher selves linger in the spiritual world. They watch over us and can influence our lives, giving us spiritual warnings and nudges.
  5. The world of magic and miracles: What appears as magic or miracles to some might just be a result of the unique physics in the spirit realm. It’s a place where science struggles to explain the “why”.
  6. A place where Gods live: A complex relationship exists between gods and humans in the spirit realms. Did we create them, or did they shape us? It’s a chicken-and-egg scenario, with deities, demons, and angels dwelling here.
  7. Where we go after we die: Many people still ponder what happens to us after we die. Some believe that after death, our life force returns to the spiritual realms, leaving behind our physical bodies.
  8. Where inspiration and ideas come from: Creators, artists, and scientists often find inspiration seemingly out of nowhere. These intuitive nudges are believed by some to originate from the spiritual realm.

The Supernatural & Spiritual World

Think of the supernatural and spiritual realm as a cosmic showdown of sorts. We’re talking about the classic battle between good and evil – a theme as old as time.

Good vs evil

On one side, you’ve got the good guys – think celestial beings, a God, guardians of the light, and maybe a deity or two. On the other side, there’s evil, featuring the likes of devils, demons, and the kind of characters you wouldn’t want to bump into in the dark. These troublemakers are known for stirring up mischief and leading folks astray.

This isn’t just about who wears the halo or the horns; there’s a deep message here. Ever heard of the law of sowing and reaping? It’s like spiritual karma – what goes around, comes around. It’s a crucial part of this whole good versus evil saga because it’s all about the choices we make and the cosmic ripples they create.

What the Bible has to say

Now, if you’ve ever flipped through the Bible, you’ll know it’s got a lot to say about this spiritual warfare.

According to the Bible, this realm is as real as it gets, impacting our body, soul, and spirit. It’s a realm of unseen forces and spiritual beings, both good and evil.

The Bible also highlights how we’re not just passive spectators; we have a role to play. It suggests that human beings can actively engage in this realm, making choices and connections that resonate beyond the physical world.

The belief in a spiritual reality across cultures and religions

Every corner of the globe has its own take on this unseen world. You’ll find folks nodding to higher realms and unseen forces. Sure, the details differ – one person’s spirit animal might be another’s ancestral ghost – but the core idea? It’s surprisingly universal.

Overlapping Realities: Spiritual vs Physical World

Imagine two worlds coexisting: the physical and the spiritual. In the physical world, life is what you can touch, see, hear, taste, and smell. It’s your everyday, coffee-sipping, traffic-jamming reality.

Then there’s the spiritual world, a realm where both good and evil spirits reside. This world doesn’t play by the rules of physical senses; it’s an unseen landscape, yet it’s all around us, intertwined with our physical existence and daily lives.

Many believe there are ways we can bridge a gap between these worlds, like through meditation, prayer, lucid dreaming, and even hallucinogenic drugs. It’s not as direct as actually touching the world, but more like tuning into a frequency that’s always been there, yet often unnoticed.

Now, imagine these two worlds are like layers of a cake. They’re separate, but they’re also part of the same delicious dessert. What we do in our everyday, natural world echoes in the spiritual realm.

Science’s Take On Spiritual Realms

Let’s talk about what science has to say about the spirit realms – spoiler alert, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher.

For a long time, science stuck to its sandbox and was all about facts and figures. But as science evolved, it started to dip a toe into the spiritual pool.

Take quantum physics, for example. This is where things start to get a little mind-boggling because the usual rulebook of physics goes out the window. Measuring and understanding this stuff is like trying to nail jelly to a wall – tricky, to say the least.

Funnily enough, the same cold, hard logic that science once prided itself on debunking spirituality is the same logic used to get a grip on spiritual concepts. To quote Carl Sagan, “Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.

Science is slowly catching up to what spiritual traditions have been saying for ages. The more we learn, the more it seems like those ancient spiritual teachings might have been onto something.


How do you connect to the spiritual realm?

Connecting with the spiritual realm is a personal journey. You can explore spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, yoga, and even more specialised techniques like energetic healing or astral projection. The key is to stay open-minded and follow what resonates with you.

There’s no fixed path to unlocking psychic abilities, so trust your intuition and choose the approach that feels the most meaningful on your spiritual journey.

Is there more than one spiritual realm?

The spirit realm is believed to have seven realms with sub-realms. Souls enter these realms based on their karma and deeds. Lower realms (one to four) may involve purification for souls with negative karma. Good deeds and prayers can help souls move to higher realms, ultimately aiming for the seventh stage, where eternal peace is attained.

What are auras?

An aura refers to the electromagnetic field that surrounds every living being. It’s often perceived as a luminous body of light. It is believed to reflect a person’s emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental energies. The colours and intensity of this aura can vary, showing a person’s well-being and personality traits. If you want to see them, aura glasses are a useful tool designed to help visualize these auras.


The spiritual realm, a mystical dimension beyond our everyday reality, holds various meanings. It’s seen as the home of spirits, a parallel universe with unique laws, and even the eternal resting place.

For various cultures and religions, it’s much more than just a figment of the imagination – it’s a significant part of our lives, shaping our reality in ways we might not fully grasp.


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