The Paranormal Finding Hauntings (TPFH)

The Paranormal Finding Hauntings is a paranormal investigation team based in the UK. The group was established by Robert Murphy-Smith in 2010. They have a substantial team with a range of knowledge, skills and experience in the paranormal field. Along with the investigators this includes a Demonologist, Sceptic and an Angel Card Reader and Crystal Healer.

They have been to many haunted indoor and outdoor haunted locations throughout the UK, some of these include Inverlochy Castle, Pluckley Woods, Nunney Castle and Bramber Castle. What makes this team stand out from the crowd is the 10 years’ experience of some of team members and the fact they do private home investigations, which is a service many teams don’t offer. If you think your home is haunted, and need a real investigation, feel free to get in touch with the team.

The Paranormal Finding Hauntings allow members of the public to join them on their paranormal investigations for a very small fee. If this is something your interest in its an amazing experience where you get shown everything from how to setup the equipment and what everything does. You will benefit from years of advice from professionals in the field. Whether its just for a bit of fun or you would like the knowledge to get into this yourself its worth every penny. You will be able to use one of their camera’s and will be given a copy of the footage to take home.

The Paranormal Finding Hauntings is a great team, they post videos on their YouTube channel if you want to check them out. And if you have haunted location you would like them to check out you can get in touch with them using the contact page on their website.

You can find The Finding Hauntings website here…

You can find Finding Hauntings on YouTube here…
See Finding Hauntings here

They are currently looking for voulenteers to join their team.

Some of the tasks required…

Setting up investigation equipment
Use of the teams investigation equipment
Help with managing tours
Research and study locations for investigations
Be available when needed for some tours
Be able to come on investigations with the team
Be reliable and must not cancel if you have confirmed an investigation
Live within locations in UK only

Some in the included perks…

Free and fun Investigations and fun for
Free Touring with the team (excluding food and drinks)
Free travel with the team
Free hotel or cottage stays when on tour (Please note; this is shared accommodation)

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