Top Must-Have Gadgets For Any Ghost Hunter

Ghost hunters are a special breed. They’re the people who spend their nights roaming around abandoned buildings, cemeteries, and other dark places with just one goal in mind: to find out if ghosts exist. It’s not an easy job, but it is one of the fascinating careers you can choose. If you want to become a ghost hunter yourself, there are many things that you will need to know about equipment before getting started on your new adventure!

The purpose of this blog post is to help any future ghost hunters out by listing some essential gadgets for them to have with them when they go hunting for paranormal activity. These gadgets will help make your experience more enjoyable and less stressful; the idea is you take the right equipment to have the best chance possible at coming across the paranormal activity. Here at Spirit Shack, we take our role as ghost hunting equipment suppliers seriously and love to make sure any new ghost hunters around know about all the best equipment.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the must-have pieces of ghost hunting equipment.

EMF Detector

One of the must-have pieces of equipment for any ghost hunter and a staple that needs to be in every ghost hunter’s repertoire is the electromagnetic field detecter (EMF). This is precisely what it says; it detects whether or not there are any electromagnetic fields near you; if it reacts positively, you know there is a high chance you are encountering a ghost.

Several theories suggest ghosts, spirits, and lost souls are naked to the human eye, but they are said to emit electromagnetic energy; that is why we believe every ghost hunter should have an EMF detector.

Infrared Thermometer

If you don’t have an infrared thermometer in your ghost hunting equipment kit, we suggest you order one right now; using an infrared thermometer opens you up to find a whole host of paranormal activity you were missing. “Cold spots” have been associated with ghosts, spirits, and lost souls for hundreds of years; having an infrared thermometer will help you visually see when there has been a sudden temperature drop.

The idea is that when a ghost is manifesting itself, to do so, it will need to draw energy from the air; when this happens, a small pocket of cold air is left behind, which if you have an infrared thermometer, you will be able to see it, the area around it will stay warm. Giving you a clear visual of when a ghost or apparition may be trying to appear to you. Infrared cameras also work!

Digital Voice Recorder

Another must-have gadget every reputable ghost hunter needs in their hunting box is a high-quality digital voice recorder. You use these as a way of picking up electronic voice phenomena (EVP); the theory is when a ghost, spirit of a lost soul has appeared, you may not be able to see or hear it. This is because the human body is not made to understand and visualise ghosts. But if you add a digital voice recorder into your bag, you might get to hear the words of the ghost trying to communicate with you.

The human ear is not programmed in a way that we can hear what is being said from across the veil or from those who have come back to us, but a digital voice recorder will be able to offer you a glimpse into what the ghost is trying to say to you. You will find most seasoned ghost hunters will have a digital voice recorder that is switched on and recording the entire ghost hunting experience.

Night Vision Camcorder

It goes without saying; you cannot go on a ghost hunt without a high-quality video camera; depending on which type of camera you like the best depends on which one you will choose, but the main point is you must have one in your ghost hunting equipment. Whatever camera you decide to use, we would highly recommend picking a camera with night vision or infrared.

The human eye is not designed to see in the dark; having a camera that can use night vision will give you the best chance at confirming whether or not a ghost has visited you. Plus, a bonus is that you have evidence of what you discovered during your time out in the dark if you catch a ghost hunting encounter on a video camera.

Spirit Box

Finally, another must-have as part of any ghost hunting equipment setup, the spirit box, is one of the best pieces of equipment you can purchase. The idea is you set the radio onto either FM or AM frequency and use the radio as a direct communication link between you and the spirit you are reaching out to. You will be able to ask questions and hopefully receive answers using a spirit box.

Please bear in mind, the complication that comes with this is you are attaching to radio frequencies, so you may end up hearing genuine radio conversations if you pick up a radio station.

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If you’re ready to take the plunge into ghost hunting, it might help to be armed with some of these gadgets. We recommend investing in a quality EMF meter to measure electromagnetic fields around your home and property. A digital voice recorder is also essential for capturing EVP (electronic voice phenomena).

You may want thermal imaging cameras or night vision goggles for investigating during hours when natural light sources are scarce. This device will tell you if there’s an intruder on your property even before they’ve crossed onto your landline boundary by detecting heat fluctuations – perfect for monitoring who comes knocking at your door late in the evening.

With all that said, we hope this blog has helped you understand what types of ghost hunting equipment you might need for your first adventure out into the darkness. Remember, stay safe and follow ghost hunting etiquette; you can find out more about that here. Or get in touch with one of us here at Spirit Shack today, we are always happy to help.

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