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Pendulums have long been used for divination purposes, and it is thought that they can be used to communicate with paranormal entities. A pendulum is basically a weighted object such as a ball or a crystal on a chain that hangs in the air, usually while someone is holding it, and can be moved by spirits and paranormal entities who are able to move and manipulate the pendulum through channeling their energy in the environment, or through the person holding the pendulum.

What Are Pendulums?

The pendulum is a weighted stone or crystal that is attached to a single cord or chain. It’s never made of any kind of magnetic substance, as it could then be manipulated by external forces in the environment. It’s possible to use objects such as a favorite item such as a bead, ball, trinket or a key, especially if you are conducting a paranormal investigation where you think that there is a spirit of someone there that you know, and you have an object of theirs.

How Do Pendulums Work?

The pendulum is a very simple divination tool and one that allows the holder to tap into their intuitive powers. The pendulum is like a transmitter and receiver of information it moves in different ways and directions in response to questions. It's similar to using dowsing rods or a Ouija board, but it much smaller and can be used alone.

Pendulums allow the user to be more in tune with their intuitive powers, and many people think that they are manipulated easily by the person holding it, but if you use one throughout a paranormal investigation, you are sure to get a pretty good understanding of the fact that they are responding to the divine energy of the environment, not the users movements.

How To Use Pendulums

It is highly advised that before you begin using your crystal pendulum, you cleanse the crystal and charge it with your own energy. It is recommended that instead of just having one pendulum that you allow every member of your paranormal investigation team to use, that each person has their own pendulum, as it is then cleansed with their own energy, especially if it is crystal.

Once your Pendulum is cleansed, you can begin using it. Hold the pendulum with one hand so that the crystal is dangling, and keep your hand as steady as possible in the process. This will ensure that each and every reading you get is of a paranormal nature. Once the pendulum is still, you can begin asking questions into the environment, such as what is the response for a “yes” and a “no” answer.

When you have asked each question out loud, wait around 30-60 seconds before asking another question. Some spirits may have weaker signals than others, and wouldn’t be able to use as much strength as other spirits who will be able to move the pendulum more abruptly. When you have deciphered what movements are relevant to each “yes” and “no” answer, you can begin asking questions to the spirits surrounding you using your pendulum. When asking each question, make sure to remind the spirits to move the pendulum in the same way that you decided each time.