EMF Meter

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EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting

The EMF meter measures the changes in electro magnetic fields. Paranormal investigators believe that ghosts have the ability create these EMF fields. The EMF meter is an essential piece of equipment used to detect sources of these magnetic fields. So the EMF meter can be used to communicate with these spirits. For instance, by asking them to trigger the meter in response to questions.

What ghost hunters know is that EMF readings often happen at the same time as paranormal activity. This can be used to backup other paranormal evidence such as cold spots and EVP. Just remember to check for genuine causes of EMF spikes. For instance, electrical equipment, overhead power lines, mobile phone and walkie talkie signals. Asking the ghosts to move away from the meter, and move closer can help validate any readings you get. As this will prove it is paranormal, and that the entity is intelligent and not just residual energy.

What is the EMF Meter?

EMF Meters were not originally designed for ghost hunters and were created for diagnosing electrical problems. Such as diagnosing issues with electrical wiring and power lines, and for measuring readings on electrical appliances. Also known as the Electromagnetic Field meter, it has many day to day uses. It measures the quantity of electromagnetic fields given off by anything electrical.

It has found its way into the paranormal field as spirits are made up of electrical energy. And the meter can be used to detect them as well. There are many ghost hunting phone applications that claim to work as EMF detectors. None of these will give accurate readings as mobile phones do not have an electrometric field meter built in. For accurate results you will need a genuine EMF detector like the K2 meter.

What does the EMF meter measure?

EMF Meters pick up on magnetic fields created by electrically charged objects. The charged objects need to have an alternating current, or the meter needs to move past the fixed field. There are two variations of the meter, a single field and a tri field. The single field measures the magnetism in a single direction. But the tri-field measures in three directions. So cost for a tri-field EMF Meter is usually higher as they pick up readings that the single axis meters miss.

How the EMF Detector fits into paranormal investigating

It’s a well established theory that spirits and ghosts are made up of electrical energy, and emit their own electrometric fields. This makes the EMF Meter a perfect ghost detector. A good way to start your ghost hunt is to walk around with the meter. Then when you receive spikes in readings that are not from electrical equipment there is a possibility it’s something supernatural. To prove the authenticity, you can walk away from the spot andback again to see what happens to the reading. Or you can ask the spirit to move closer and then step back to see if the spikes indicate the spirit has done this.