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SLS Camera for Ghost Hunting

The cam is a ghost hunting camera specifically designed to be able to search and explore for spirits. The ghost tracker uses infrared so it will work in the daytime and in darkness. Ghosts are usually invisible to the naked eye, as they don’t usually reflect visible light. This will help detect them.

Do you believe in Ghosts?

Many times people think they see ghosts with their eyes but that’s not usually the case. Usually, ghosts are seen with the 3rd eye, which is a 6th sense many people have. Using its advanced 3D mapping technology and skeletal tracking system the paranormal entities can be picked up by the ghost tracker, and displayed to you on screen in real time.

How does the SLS Cam work?

It works by sending out hundreds of infrared beams. The beams are used to build up a 3D model of the area and everything inside it. Using the advanced human shape and skeletal tracking it can recognise people and ghosts. Which are displayed as a stick figure on screen.

How many ghosts can it see at once?

There is no limit to how many figures it can detect and capture at any one time. It uses infrared light projection system which uses two CMOS sensors to build the image. These sensors create a 3D map of the surroundings and objects, and can determine the proximity of everything around it. Giving you a seamless video image.

Which is the right SLS camera for me?

There are two models of the paranormal cam, the v1 stickman, which is the camera from the xBox 360 Kinect, and the v2 camera, which comes from the xBox One Kinect. The v2 stickman is newer and has a higher resolution image, but for ghost hunting purposes isn’t as good. Because of this, we do recommend the v1 Kinect 360 stickman camera. Once you have decided which type you need, you can then choose from the mains powered version or the portable battery powered version.

Do I need a Windows tablet?

A Windows tablet is required. We offer all models with and without a Windows tablet, depending on whether you have one or not. You will need the paranormal software as well, it comes preinstalled on our tablets, or sell it separately on a USB stick.

More tip and tricks

If your sceptical about the paranormal ghost figures it picks up, you can ask the spirit to move to the left or right, or ask it to wave and see the image move. We have done this many times and your will be surprised about how often the spirits actually carry out what you ask. The v1 and v2 cameras are not manufactured any longer, so we only sell used ones. All of the other accessories, power leads, USB sticks and tablets are new.

Screen Recording Software

We don’t include screen recording software on our tablets, but as they are Windows tablets you can install something to record the screen yourself. There are many free programs available online. With our battery powered portable cameras we recommend new Duracell batteries. They last longer and will give you less issues when using it. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us, we are more than happy to help.

Used by Ghost Adventures!

The famous Structured Light Sensor is a classic tool used by Ghost Adventures.

It first appeared on the episode “Saint James Hotel”, since this time the ghost hunting crew have used it on many occasions. One of the most entertaining episodes was the “Palomino Club”, where the stick figures literally danced for them on command on video. It was very fun and entertaining! One of the most personal occasions was the episode “Goodwin Home Invasion”. The stick figures danced around in Aaron’s kitchen for a while before completely vanishing. Further on in the episode another figure is seen walking around on all fours like an animal. These incredible episodes have helped popularise the Kinect sensor in the ghost hunting and paranormal communities.
How to make a Kinect SLS Cam

It’s quite simple really, is just the Kinect sensor from the xBox 360.

You will need the sensor, power lead and soft-ware. The power lead comes with a USB connecter which you will need to connect to a Windows device such as a tablet, laptop of computer. The Microsoft software is free it’s called Kinect Studio. You will need Kinect Studio v1.8 for the xBox 360 cam and Kinect Studio v2.0 for the xBox One cam.
Powering your DIY Kinect
If you are powering it will a mains power adapter its only really any good for indoor use, and its not very portable. If you want to make a portable version you will need to cut the plug off the power cable and power it with a 12v battery pack. Once you get you that stage you just need to make some form of box or housing to build it all into to make it portable.
Additional Information
The famous tracker is a ghost hunting tool that will help give you video evidence during your ghost hunting paranormal investigations. The built in ghost hunting tracker can see more than one ghost at a time if they are present. Our new SpiritShack tracker is built in the United Kingdom, but we also worldwide shipping. We keep many in stock and they have nothing but goot 5 stars customer reviews. If you have one to sell, feel free to get in touch we sometimes buy used equipment. We offer several payment methods in the United Kingdom and worldwide. VAT receipts can be given if needed. The image to zoom feature in Windows will let you zoom in if need to see better details. Customer satisfaction is more important than money to us. That's why we having nothing but happy customers and 5 stars reviews. If you have purchased from us before please leave your reviews below by clicking one of the stars and leaving a comment. We keep many a wide range of trackers in stock, if you need any additional information of help using the checkout feel free to get in touch. Customers who viewed this item may want to check out our spirit boxes and EVP recorders. People who this item also viewed EMF Pumps and Ouija boards. In Nite, if the image not available, please try and close it and open it a few times.