Spirit Box

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The Spirit Box is a unique radio, its used to communicate with spirits and ghosts. It scans through the all of the radio stations without stopping. It is thought that spirits can use them to talk to you using the white noise. Pretty much all ghost hunters and paranormal investigators use a spiritbox. Spirit boxes should be one of the first pieces of ghost hunting equipment you look at. You need to be in a haunted location to get responses from a spirit while using one though. Remember to be polite and respectful whist communicating with ghosts.

What is a Spirit Box?

A SpiritBox is essentially just a radio, they have a slight modification allowing them to scan through all the stations without stopping. Normally a radio will play a single station, usually to listen to that station or music. With a spirit box you don’t want it to stay on a single station, you want it to scan through all the stations without stopping. As different ghosts and spirits find it easier to communicate on different radio frequencies. This is where the spiritbox differs from a radio. Some of them have additional features such as recording. And being able to speed up and slow the speed it scans through the channels.

How does the Spirit Box work?

The Spirit Box works by scanning through all the available radio stations without stopping. It doesn’t stop once it finds a channel like a normal radio. You can scan on AM or FM; FM is usually preferred by its always worth trying AM too. You can change the scan speed. By speeding it up or slowing it down. Other than these modified features its no different from a standard radio. Some people actually use a standard radio, such as our manual tune radio. Which you can manually scroll the tuner wheel backwards and forwards. A manual tune will give the same results it just results a little manual work.

Which is the best SpiritBox?

The most popular spirit boxes on the market are the SBOX, PSB7 and the PSB11. To help you find the best spirit box for you it helps to understand the differences between them. Firstly the SBOX has a good quality speaker which is loud and clear. Secondly it comes with AM and FM and allows you to change the sweep speed. Thirdly it has one feature no other spirit box has, and that’s a record feature, because of this it can be used as an EVP recorder too.

The PSB7 has built in features which remove voices and music from radio stations. This means that a much higher percentage of the responses you hear will be from spirits. It also allows to to change the sweep speed. The downside is the speaker is poor quality, and you will need to plug in an external speaker. The PSB11 is the same as the SB7, but has two scanners built in so you can sweep in both directions at the same time. The speaker in the SB11 spirit box is good quality as well.

How do you use the Spirit Box?

Basically, you just start the spirit box scanning. Moreover, It doesn’t matter if its in AM or FM. Or what the sweep speed is set to as long as it is scanning its ready to be used. The scan button is in different places depending on which model you have. Once the spiritbox is scanning you can start asking the spirits questions, leave a good long pause in-between so the spirits have time to answer. What you are listening for is relevant voice responses. If you ask what day it is, and the reply is breadcake that is not a relevant response. If the answer is Monday that would be relevant.