Dowsing Rods are normally used for divination to attempt to locate buried metal, gemstones, treasure, grave sites and groundwater. To use the rods, hold them straight out In front of you and concentrate on what you are attempting to locate. The theory is the dowsing rods will point to the location of what you seek. There is nothing special about the rods, it is thought your higher consciousness will reach out into the world and help you locate what you seek. Paranormal investigators also use them for spirit communication, usually to answer YES and No questions. You need to be in a haunted location for this to work.

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How do dowsing rods work?

According to science, dowsing rods work via the ideomotor phenomenon. Which is the human unconscious accidental and involuntary movements. However, many of users of dowsing rods claim gaining knowledge (answers to questions), they didn’t previously know. The only theory to support this is that spirits may be able to create magnetic fields around the metal rods to manipulate them.


How do you use dowsing rods?

To use dowsing rods for asking yes and no questions, gently hold the rods our straight in front of you. Then ask the spirits to show you what a yes looks like. The rods may turn to the left, the right, cross over, or separate. The no will usually be the opposite of that. You can then proceed to ask yes or no questions.


What are divining rods?

Dowsing rods are two rods which are made of metal and are L shaped. They may be made of steel, iron, brass, or copper. They need to be made of metal to be affected by magnetism. They have more than one use, a couple of these uses include finding water, and seeking hidden knowledge.


Does divination really work?

Dowsing rods are currently regarded as pseudoscience, as they have not been proven scientifically to show accurate and repeatable results. However, many users of dowsing rods do claim to have success with them. Both in finding water sources, and for speaking with spirits.


How do you hold the rods?

To hold the dowsing rods correctly, you hold one in each hand, holding the shorter sides of the L shaped rods. You want to help them firmly enough to keep them level and facing straight out in front of you. But as loosely as possible. Holding the rods too tightly will stop them from being able to move.