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What is an Ouija Board? The Ouija is a board game which you can use to communicate with spirits and ghosts. The history of the Ouija board dates back to 1890.

It has the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, "yes", "no", and "goodbye" written on it. You can use it with one or more players who each place a finger or two on the Planchette (pointing device). You then take turns asking the other side questions and wait for them to respond by moving the Planchette. We do not advise children to play the game or recommend adults to play the game alone to be safe.




What are Ouija boards?

The Ouija game is a board game, which is intended for communicating with spirits. The game has all the letters in the alphabet, and numbers 0 to 9 written on it. Along with yes, no and goodbye. Each player playing the game gently places a finger on the planchette, which is a pointer. You then ask questions in hopes the spirits move the planchette to different letters to spell out words.


How to play the Spirit board

It is recommended you do not play on your own. Each player places one or two fingers on the planchette, which is a pointer. You then ask questions and wait for the spirits to move the planchette to letters spelling out words.


How to do a Talking board safely

To ensure your safety during your Talking board session, don’t play alone. Always have two or more players. Be polite and kind to the spirits you are communicating with. And always move the planchette to goodbye once you have finished communicating.


Can you play the Ouija board on your own?

Technically, you can play the Ouija board alone, but it is not advised.


Who invented the Ouija board?

Elijah Bond invented and began selling the game on the 1st of July as a novelty entertainment item. While the board is a form of divination, divination dates to the Chinese Song Dynasty in 1100 AD.