The SLS Cameras is a ghost hunting camera specifically designed to be able to search and explore for spirits. The SLS ghost tracker uses infrared, so it will work in the daytime and in darkness. Ghosts are usually invisible to the naked eye, as they don’t usually reflect visible light. This will help detect them. Many times, people think they see ghosts with their eyes, but that’s not usually the case. Usually, ghosts are seen with the third eye, which is a sixth sense many people have. Using its advanced 3D mapping technology paranormal entities can be picked up by the SLS ghost tracker.

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What is an SLS camera?

The purpose of it is to show a 3D model of the environment. It works by building a 3D map of the environment using its advanced sensors. They have a range of uses and are very popular among ghost hunters as they are believed to be able to see them. They work in the darkness as well as during the daytime.


How does SLS camera work?

It works by sends out thousands of infrared beams, and times how long each beam takes to come back. Using this information, it's advanced software builds a 3D map of the environment.


How to make a Kinect SLS camera?

It's quite simple to make a Structured Light Sensor. You will need the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor, the USB power cable, and a 12v battery pack. All you need to do is the mains plug off, and wire it to the 12v battery pack. Plug this into the camera and you have a portable Kinect SLS.


Can you really catch ghosts with the SLS Camera?

Although not scientifically proven, is it generally believed in the paranormal field that ghosts can be seen with the structured light sensor. As it uses infrared technology to make a 3D model of the environment, people, and objects in the area. Many claim to have good evidence of catching ghosts with the camera.


Can you see more than one ghost with the SLS camera?

There is no limit on how many objects, people and ghosts the Structured Light Sensor can detect at any one time. It's capable of detecting many anomalies at the same time. Many ghost hunters have claimed to have caught 3 and 4 entities all at once.


How much does the SLS camera cost?

There are many variations of the Structured Light Sensor. There are mains power models, battery operated, portable, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions. The mains powered Xbox 360 Kinect Kit starts at around £80, and the high-end portable battery operated versions are around the £450 mark.


Which is the best SLS camera?

The best Structured Light Sensor is the SLS Cam Gold by SpiritShack. Its portable and battery operated, so it can be taken to any location. The one-handed handle can be folded out into a tripod to place it down. And it comes with a wide-angle lens which allows it to see more than you can normally.


Does the SLS camera work in the dark?

Yes, as the Structured Light Sensor uses infrared laser beams to build a 3D map, it works perfectly well in pitch black environments. You can't see the light from the camera, as it’s beyond the range we can see, but it can be seen with a night vision or full spectrum camera.


Do the SLS camera phone applications work?

You can’t compare phone applications to the structured light sensor, as phones do not have a built-in structured light sensor. The Kinect sensor uses structured lights to build a 3D model of the environment, allowing it to measure depth and distances. Mobile phones only use software for skeletal shape tracking.

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Do you need the SLS camera for ghost hunting?

You don't need to have the structured light sensor for ghost hunting, they do really help if you are able to source one. They are only of the only pieces of ghost hunting equipment which allow you to actually see them. If you want to see them visibly, they are the best alternative to the full spectrum camera.