The EVP Recorder is used for capturing Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Electronic Voice Phenomenon is when spirit voices are picked up on digital audio recording equipment. You can even pick them up from the microphone on your camera. EVP’s have scientifically been proven to exist. But they are usually sceptic and are still unsure as to where the voices come from. You need to be in a haunted location to be able to capture them. Spirits need to be around you and need to be willing to communicate at the time to catch a response.

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What is an EVP recorder?

The EVP recorder is a digital voice recorder, which is designed to record Electronic Voice Phenomena. Electronic Voice Phenomena is where human voices are picked up whilst recording, which are no audible to the humans. Typically, they are picked up whilst nobody is talking in the area, this is still an unexplainable phenomenon.


What is the best EVP recorder?

The best recorder for communicating with spirits is the Olympus WS-852. It’s a mid-range digital voice recorder, with a loud and clear speaker. The microphone is high quality. And it features an Intelligent Auto Mode which boosts the levels of quiet voices, which works well for EVPs.


Where can you buy an EVP recorder?

We sell a range of EVP recorders here at SpiritShack. We have budget models as well as high-end digital audio recorders. Our recorders have all been thoroughly tested on investigations and have all shown to offer great results.


How does the EVP recorder work?

The recorder works because it can pick up audio above and below the human hearing range. Which means the digital audio recorder can hear voices which humans cannot. You just set the recorder going, ask a question, leave a gap, and then stop the recorder. If you have captured any EVPs, you will hear them once the recording is played back.


How to record EVPs

To record electronic voice phenomena, you will need an EVP recorder. You need to press record, ask a question, then leave a gap before stopping the recording. Once you play it back, if you have captured any EVPs, you will hear is during the gap after your question.