The EVP Recorder is used for capturing Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Electronic Voice Phenomenon is when spirit voices are picked up on digital audio recording equipment. You can even pick them up from the microphone on your camera. EVP’s have scientifically been proven to exist. But they are usually sceptic and are still unsure as to where the voices come from. You need to be in a haunted location to be able to capture them. Spirits need to be around you and need to be willing to communicate at the time to catch a response.

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How To Speak To Spirits

Ever wondered if the whispers of the unknown could be captured? Enter the world of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recorders – the ghost hunter's ultimate gadget for eavesdropping on the supernatural.

These are your average audio devices; EVP recorders are engineered to tune into frequencies that might just prove we're not alone...

Here at SpiritShack, our EVPs are hand-picked for their top-notch audio clarity, user-friendliness, and trustworthiness, making them a must-have in any paranormal investigator's toolkit.

More Than Just Noise

Imagine you're recording in an empty room, or rather an empty haunted room. When you play back your recording, there's a whisper or a voice that wasn't there before. That's electronic voice phenomena for you.

Electronic Voice Phenomena is like getting a text from the other side - voices or sounds caught on your EVP recorder that you didn't hear with your own ears.

These are not just random noises; some believe they're the voices of spirits trying to communicate. They use their energy to turn electronic signals into something we can hear, often answering questions or announcing themselves.

Why ghost hunters need an EVP recorder

So, why should you, a budding ghost hunter, invest in a digital voice recorder? Simple - to catch those elusive, otherworldly sounds.

EVPs are fine-tuned to capture frequencies our ears can't hear. Think of it as tuning into a ghostly radio station.

With an EVP recorder, you're not just waiting for random bumps in the night; you're actively listening to the voices of the unknown. If you want to catch electronic voice phenomena - i.e. ghostly audio evidence - then you're of course going to need this nifty device.

EVP recorder vs regular voice recorder: What's the difference?

Now, you might wonder, "Can't I just use my phone or a regular voice recorder?". Well, yes and no.

Regular voice recorders are great for everyday sounds, but they might miss the ghostly frequencies that an EVP recorder is made for. Audio recorders are designed to scan beyond the usual range, catching those whispers that an everyday audio recorder might miss.

Plus, you can play back, slow down, and analyse those spooky sounds, making sure you don't miss any hidden messages from beyond!

The Tech Behind Ghost Recorders - How They Work

EVP voice recorders are like your high-tech ears, tuned to catch even the faintest whisper from the other side.

Imagine a microphone so sensitive it can pick up sounds from the other side! An EVP recorder, which can record onto various media like tapes and digital storage, is fine-tuned to capture not just the sounds around us but also those eerie, otherworldly whispers that fall outside the human hearing range.

Let's put it into a scenario: You're in a haunted location, EVP recorder in hand. These recorders use microphones to pick up the ambient sounds, including those elusive frequencies above and below what your ears can detect.

It's not just about recording everything, though. The real magic happens during playback. That's when those faint, often distorted voices and sounds emerge from the silence - the voices and sounds you didn't hear while recording.

Debunking scepticism: EVP or just static?

There's always a chance that what you hear is just a radio interference or a trick of the mind. Sceptics call it pareidolia, where we think we hear voices in the static.

Sure, we can't say for certain that the sounds we hear when we record EVP are actually voices from the afterlife, but some electronic voice phenomenon is so clear and responsive that they leave even the sceptics scratching their heads!

How To Use EVP Recorders In Ghost Hunting

We bet you're eager to get your hands on this nifty electronic device, so you can start speaking the ghostly gab! So here's how:

Step 1: Pick your paranormal spot

First things first, choose your ghostly hangout. You don’t even need a haunted mansion – your living room will do. The key? It’s not about the place; it’s about the space… and the silence. Which brings us to the next step...

Step 2: Keep it dead silent

Turn off that TV and mute your phone. You need complete silence to ensure you're not missing any spectral whisper.

Remember, ghostly voices are like shy party guests – they speak up when the room gets quiet.

Step 3: Ask questions

This is especially effective with a Ghost Box (a type of EVP recorder). Start by announcing your name, location, and time – no need for a whisper, just your normal voice will do.

Next, dive into some questions.

"Any spirits here? What's your name? Got any ghostly gossip?"

Space out those questions - give the spirits some time to think. Give it a minute or so before asking the next question.

Step 4: Analyse your audio recordings

Now that you've captured your audio recording, it's time to play paranormal investigator. Transfer your recording to a computer, and let the analysis begin.

Speed it up, slow it down, make clips. Hear something odd? Isolate it. Listen closely for those consonants - they're key to cracking the ghostly code.

Step 5: Be patient

You don't need to camp out all night recording (unless you want to). A solid 10–20 minutes should do the trick. And hey, silence is just as good as questions.

Didn't catch any spirit voices this time? Don't be disheartened. EVP hunting is like fishing - sometimes you catch a big one, sometimes you just get seaweed. Keep at it!

How To Choose The Best Audio Recorder For Ghost Hunting

When you're in the market for an EVP recorder, think of it like choosing a trusty sidekick for your ghost-hunting adventures.

You want something that has great audio quality – because what's the point if you can't hear the ghostly whispers, right? Ease of use is key too; you don't want to be fumbling around in the dark when a ghost decides to say hello.

Top Ghost Hunting Recorders

At SpiritShack, we have a line-up of EVP recorders that will make the perfect addition to your ghost-hunting equipment.

  1. First, we have the EVP Watch Wrist Recorder, perfect for a ghost hunter on the go. It records clear audio and leaves your hands free for juggling other tools, like EMF meters or video cameras.

  2. Then we have the Olympus EVP recorder - the MVP of EVP recording devices. Lightweight, easy to carry, and tough as nails. Whether you're strolling through a haunted house or setting it up on a creepy table, this recorder is up for the task.

Now, if you're just starting out in your ghost-hunting journey, our ghost-hunting kits are a steal! Not only will you get an EVP recorder, but you'll also get all the essentials you'll need!

Besides EVP recorders, explore ghost-hunting apps for extra digital tools and resources to use in your paranormal investigations.

Capture Voice Evidence With EVP Recorders From SpiritShack

At SpiritShack, we've got you covered with top-notch EVP recorders and more!

Amplify your spectral adventures by pairing your recorder with ghost detectors like REM pods, EMF meters, or even one of the most popular tools among paranormal investigators, the Ovilus.

Don't stop there, though! Consider adding ghost communicators like Spirit boxes and classic Ouija boards to your gear too.



What is an EVP recorder?

The EVP recorder is a digital voice recorder, which is designed to record Electronic Voice Phenomena. Electronic Voice Phenomena is where human voices are picked up whilst recording, which are no audible to the humans. Typically, they are picked up whilst nobody is talking in the area, this is still an unexplainable phenomenon.


What is the best EVP recorder?

The best recorder for communicating with spirits is the Olympus WS-852. It’s a mid-range digital voice recorder, with a loud and clear speaker. The microphone is high quality. And it features an Intelligent Auto Mode which boosts the levels of quiet voices, which works well for EVPs.


Where can you buy an EVP recorder?

We sell a range of EVP recorders here at SpiritShack. We have budget models as well as high-end digital audio recorders. Our recorders have all been thoroughly tested on investigations and have all shown to offer great results.


How does the EVP recorder work?

The recorder works because it can pick up audio above and below the human hearing range. Which means the digital audio recorder can hear voices which humans cannot. You just set the recorder going, ask a question, leave a gap, and then stop the recorder. If you have captured any EVPs, you will hear them once the recording is played back.


How to record EVPs

To record electronic voice phenomena, you will need an EVP recorder. You need to press record, ask a question, then leave a gap before stopping the recording. Once you play it back, if you have captured any EVPs, you will hear is during the gap after your question.