Shop for an Ovilus at SpiritShack! The Ovilus is a word bank, usually with a few thousand words in. Which is linked to an EMF reader which detects EMF changes. Each word in the Ovilus is linked to a different EMF reading. It’s believed that ghosts can manipulate the EMF, which in turn can be used to select words to communicate with us. We have a few different types of Ovilus, we have the traditional version called the HexCom. And we have the Onvoy, which ghosts can use to choose words, numbers, emotions and more.

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A Way To Talk To The Dead

Have you ever wondered what ghosts would say if they had the chance to communicate? Imagine an unsettled soul telling you the gruesome story of their death or one that wants to clear the air about an unfortunate event. What would they say? Are they seeking revenge or do they want to give you a message?

Or have you moved into a new house and have noticed strange, bizarre occurrences happening that could only point towards a spiritual entity? When walking into a specific room, does your hair stand on end and shivers run down your spine?

Are objects flying around, do you hear weird, eerie sounds in the dead of night or does your electricity flicker on and off for no apparent reason?

Is The Ovilus Real?

While sceptics may think otherwise, these phenomena can be linked to paranormal activity. And you'll need an Ovilus device to help you decipher your ghoulish theory. These devices are communicators that allow you to speak and connect with the other side. It opens the door to macabre entities, inviting friendly spirits or more demonic entities into your realm.

Spirits can manipulate certain frequencies when they want to speak to you, but be warned, you may end up with more than you've bargained for...

What Is An Ovilus Device?

Ovilus devices form part of most ghost-hunting kits and are commonly used in paranormal investigations. Another name for the device is an Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) device.

An Ovilus is linked to an EMF meter and translates EMF readings into words. Some spirits can manipulate these EMF readings and select the words they want you to hear from a word bank of a few thousand words.

The main concept of the device is that it allows communication between you and spiritual beings. It manipulates environmental readings and converts them into words. Similar to how a spirit box works.

An Ovilus is pricey, but it is the best ghost communicator out there! It combines the functionality of electromagnetic field meters, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) devices, and spirit boxes into one compact, mean ghost-hunting machine!

Here's How They Work

  • Electromagnetic field (EMF) detection: An Ovilus is designed with an EMF meter. As the theory goes, ghosts can manipulate or affect these currents. A reading spike usually indicates there is something other than your shadow lurking about...

  • Environmental sensors: Apart from EMF meters, some Ovilus models are equipped with sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental factors. Temperature drops are commonly associated with ghosts.

  • Word database: The device often contains a database of pre-programmed words. Our HexCom Word Generator device has over 2,000 when in dictionary mode, with each word linked to a specific environmental reading or EMF spike.

  • Voice technology: When an Ovilus detects changes in the environment, it correlates the changes to relevant words in its database and uses voice technology (phonetic mode) to vocalise the words. Some models may even type the words across the device's screen.

  • Ghost hunting apps: Some advanced Ovilus models may be compatible with certain paranormal app features, transforming your phone into an essential ghost-hunting tool!

Uses in paranormal investigations

Despite scepticism, the devices are popular when it comes to hunting ghosts. Sometimes, they're used for entertainment purposes and are proven to be the 'real deal' on other occasions.

Communication tools

For years, paranormal investigators have used ghost-hunting equipment, such as spirit boxes (or ghost boxes), to try to explain supernatural existence. A spirit box is used to detect hidden messages in radio frequencies, where ghosts are believed to manipulate the radio waves to talk. Ovilus is an upgrade to this, incorporating EMF and EVP into one communication unit.

Investigators use an Ovilus to ask questions to apparitions and get the device to interpret the spoken words.

Environmental readings

As mentioned, Ovilus helps monitor environmental changes. These changes are believed to be linked to entities of a paranormal state. The device scans your environment and correlates relevant readings into words.

Why Choose Our Ovilus Devices?

Hunting ghosts has been a popular "sport" for centuries. Modern technology today has made it easier to catch a glimpse of spooky beings, all adding to the thrill and excitement of the adventure. Whether you're an amateur or a veteran, you can't go wrong with an Ovilus ghost detector device.

They are designed to help you on your ghoulish quest, deciphering messages that you never knew were there and offering features such as:

  • Top-tier technology offers you unparalleled accuracy in spiritual readings and environmental changes.

  • The user-friendly interface is simple, ensuring an effortless experience when hunting ghosts.

  • Our devices have durable, rechargeable batteries that can withstand 8 hours of paranormal hunting.

  • Our Ovilus devices have countless 5-star reviews from previous buyers, solidifying their capabilities.

  • Searching for beings of a paranormal state hasn't been more thrilling!

Explore Our Ovilus Range

There are two different types of Ovilus devices in our range: the HexCom and the Onvoy. Let's take a closer look at them:

HexCom Word Generator

  • Price: Around £240

  • Designed to speak to spirits

  • Fits comfortably in your pocket

  • Has a database of over 2,000 words

  • Built-in EMF meter for word selection

  • Spirits can select words to communicate

  • Words are displayed on the screen and are spoken aloud

  • Comes with a rechargeable battery and USB-C charging cable

  • Has countless 5-star reviews on our website

Onvoy Ghost Box

  • Price: Around £620

  • Designed to communicate with the afterlife

  • Built-in EMF meter, temperature gauge and word bank

  • Has pre-set phrases, words or simple yes/no responses

  • Allows spirits to choose their own response

  • Displays words across a backlit screen

  • Offers sensitivity, sensor and speed control

  • Comes with a durable rechargeable battery

Gadgets To Use With Your Ovilus Device

If you're looking to expand your ghost-fuelled horizons and get the answers you so willingly seek, check out some of these ghost-hunting additions:

  • Ouija or planchette boards: Allows spirits to answer your questions.

  • REM pods: Locate eerie static electricity.

  • Tarot cards: Understand phenomena around you.

  • Ghost hunting apps: Transform your phone into a ghost-hunting machine!

  • Dowsing rods: Locate spiritual energy.

  • Spirit boxes: Communicate with the unseen world through radio static.

  • Thermal cameras: Pinpoint temperature fluctuations.

  • Motion detectors: Pick up movement and vibrations.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a complete rundown of Ovilus devices, now you can make an informed choice for your next ghost-hunting spree. Are you ready to add these tools to your paranormal kit and find the answers hidden in your eerie environment? Unlock the power of ghostly readings and communicate with the dead.

They are not mere tools, they are powerful paranormal communicators, connecting you to the afterlife. Uncover untold stories and unlock the secrets from years past when you use one of our Ovilus instruments. Dare to step into the darkness, where poltergeists, demonic apparitions and wicked spirits dwell - waiting for the opportunity to enter our realm?

But be warned: Never go on ghost-hunting adventures alone, as it might be a little creepier than you'd expect. Broaden your horizons and cross over to the other side...



What is an Ovilus?

The Ovilus is a device for communicating with ghosts. The theory is spirits can manipulate the EMF around the device to select words from its built-in word database. This piece of ghost hunting equipment has over 2,000 built in words to choose from.


How does the Ovilus work?

The Ovilus has a built-in EMF meter, and each meter reading is linked to a different word in its database. When the EMF around the device changes, it picks the word linked to that reading, which is read out aloud and displayed on screen.


Where can I buy an Ovilus?

The Ovilus is manufactured by Digital Dowsing and can sometimes be found for sale on their website. Due to popular demand and short supply, they are often hard to get hold of. There are similar alternatives such as the HexCom.


Does the Ovilus work for ghost hunting?

The Ovilus works in the works in the fact that words can be chosen when the EMF meter reading changes. But is still pseudoscience if the Ovilus works for communicating with ghosts.


How much does the Ovilus cost?

The Ovilus costs around £500 in Great British pounds. Due to them being in short supply, used models often sell for more on shopping sites like eBay and Amazon.