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The EMF meter measures the changes in electromagnetic fields. Paranormal investigators believe that ghosts can create these EMF fields. And class it as an essential piece of equipment to detect sources of these magnetic fields.

You can use it to communicate with these spirits. For instance, ask them to trigger the meter in response to your questions. Researchers know that electromagnetic radiation can max out simultaneously as paranormal activity. An object moving or temperature drops, for example. Therefore, it backs up other paranormal evidence, such as cold spots and EVP.




What is an EMF meter?

An EMF meter is a meter which detects the ambient electromagnetic fields around the device. Readings are generally displayed on the screen measured in Milligauss (mG) and Microteslas (µT). Some meters have sound, too, which alerts you when readings get high. Energy is produced by electrical wiring, equipment and appliances. If you would like to learn more, we have a guide on what an EMF meter is.


How does an EMF meter work?

EMF meters work by detecting ambient electromagnetic fields around the device. The sensors or probes that detect the energy are usually inside the device. The readings appear on the screen in units of Milligauss or Microteslas. Some meters have sound, which alarms when radiation field levels are high.


Where can you buy an EMF reader?

We sell EMF meters here at SpiritShack. As we are a ghost hunting equipment manufacturer, some of our meters are modified to suit this purpose. You can pick up EMF meters from additional suppliers. EMF Protection, Farnell and RS Components, for example.


How do you use an EMF detector?

To use the EMF meter, turn it on and look at the measurement on the screen. Which is usually displayed in Milligauss (mG) and Microteslas (µT). The higher the reading, the larger the amount of electromagnetic energy detected around the device. Electrical power cables, appliances and devices give off magnetic fields.


How do you read an EMF detector?

To read the EMF meter, look at the reading on the screen. And then look at the units it's measured in. It will generally display in Milligauss (mG) or Microteslas (µT). Once you have the reading and measurement type, you can Google "electromagnetic field levels". The online charts will show you how safe that level of energy field is.