Laser grid pen: There are many types of laser grids and laser pens for ghost hunting. The most common is the one that displays hundreds of dots, and there are now ones that display grids. Easily see spirits and general visual disturbances during a paranormal investigation. There are many different coloured pens available. Red and green tend to be the most visible and effective when ghost hunting. Laser Grid Matrix Pen Projectors have grown in popularity recently due to them being very effective in catching paranormal evidence. If you see lights go out or distort, you know something is affecting it.

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What Does It Do?

Have you heard of the laser grid pen? Well, I mean of course you've heard of a laser, but did you know they could be used for ghost hunting? It's a fascinating tool designed to illuminate the shadows of the paranormal world.

This pen projects a grid of light beams, creating an intricate web of light that serves as a unique aid in detecting paranormal activity. Let's dive in to see what else this pointer pen is capable of.

How Does The Grid Pen Work?

The grid helps you see small movements, shadows, or other disturbances during a ghost hunt. The laser pointer pen is one of the most dynamic ghost-hunting tools.

During ghost hunting, you would use the laser pointer pen to create a visual point of reference. Disturbances such as lights flashing or the grid becoming distorted could be interpreted as evidence of paranormal activity.

The most common type of pointer pen projects hundreds of dots in a grid. But, a few variations show different patterns, like a single beam pointer pen.

These pens often come in different colours. The green (that emits green dots) and the red (that emits red dots) are the most popular choices because they are more visible and the most effective in low-light conditions and on dark surfaces.

The idea is that spirits or entities interact with the light beams, causing noticeable changes that ghost hunters can document, making them incredibly popular and effective in capturing paranormal evidence.

The main features of these laser pens are:

  1. Grid projection technology: Some pens make use of advanced grid projection technology, emitting a network of laser beams in a grid pattern. This makes it easier to see things that the ghost hunter's naked eye can't.

  2. Portable and compact: The pen is compact and portable and allows ghost hunters to carry it easily during ghost hunts. Its size and ease of use make it a diverse tool for different paranormal scenarios.

  3. Adjustable grid intensity: Some pens with laser grids have adjustable intensity.

  4. Real-time observation: The feedback in real-time becomes a valuable tool for identifying potential paranormal phenomena.

Best Laser Grid Pens

The pens come in different shapes and sizes, with different strengths for different tasks.

Make sure that all members of your paranormal investigation team are always informed about the use of lasers and their specific directions to avoid harm. Using a laser too close, or pointing it towards someone's eyes can result in visual impairment - or even blindness.

We've listed a few pens that might be suitable for your needs.

Green Grid Matrix

A green laser grid pen is often times more popular than a red laser, solely for visibility purposes. Here are some key features of this pen:

  • Green grid laser pattern

  • Able to use it as a single-laser pointer pen

  • High-powered

  • Very popular among paranormal investigators

  • Bright and can cover a wide area

  • Powered on 2x AAA Batteries

Red Grid Matrix

Not only do ghosts and spirits show their presence while it is on, but cats also go crazy for this tool and think it's a toy. Here are the main features if you're considering this pen:

  • Red laser grid pen with grid projection battery

  • Can use it as a single-beam pointer pen

  • Covers a large area

  • Popular among ghost hunters

  • Uses 2x AAA Batteries

  • Easy to handle

  • Small and portable to fit in your pocket and carry around

Professional Green Laser Grid Pen

Although this device does say "professional", this kit is meant for beginner ghost hunters and professional paranormal investigators alike. It comes fully equipped with everything you need to maintain your pen. This includes a battery charger and even a carry case.

Here are some features of the professional green laser grid pen:

  • High-quality green laser which doesn’t overheat

  • Bigger grid pattern compared to other green lasers (fits the size of a wall)

  • Rechargeable batteries with a charger

  • 532 nm

  • 5x different patterns

Ghost-Hunting With The Laser Grid

The best way for ghost hunters to optimise their results when using a pointer pen is by doing the following:

  • Placement: Place the pen in strategic spots in a haunted space. Keep in mind that a single laser pointer pen won't cover a large area.

  • Grid activation: Activate the pen to project the light onto floors, walls, or other surfaces. Look at the pattern closely and keep an eye out for any distortions, interruptions, or movements within the grid.

  • Documenting anomalies: As anomalies occur within the beams, document them using other paranormal tools, such as cameras or voice recorders.

Best Tools To Use With The Pointer Pen

Here is some more ghost-hunting equipment to help you on your quest:

  • Temperature guns: These devices are used to measure temperature differences associated with paranormal activity.

  • Night vision cameras: They record in low-light conditions, revealing potential ghostly activity.

  • Spirit boxes: Portable devices that rapidly scan radio frequencies, allowing spirits to manipulate the audio to communicate with the human world.

  • EVP recorders: Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recorders capture unexplained voices or sounds believed to be from spirits.

  • Ouija boards: A board with letters and symbols used to communicate with spirits through a planchette.

  • EDI meters: Environmental Detection Instruments measure different environmental factors in paranormal investigations.

  • Interactive talking bears: These bears are equipped with interactive features believed to attract spirit children interaction.

  • SpiritPod: A device created to react to fluctuations in the electromagnetic field.

How To Take Care Of Your Paranormal Tool

Having a laser pen to seek out the paranormal sounds like a dream - until it stops working, of course. We've compiled a list to make sure that your single laser pointer pen lasts for the long term.

To maintain the effectiveness of your laser pen, always check for the following:

  1. Battery management: Regularly check and replace your batteries to ensure the pen's optimal performance during investigations. You wouldn't want to be in the middle of a ghost hunt when your pen suddenly cuts out.

  2. Safe storage: Store the pen in a secure and controlled environment when you're not using it. Keep it away from extreme temperatures or conditions that may impact how it functions.

  3. Calibration checks: Test the pen to make sure it works accurately. This ensures that the projected grid remains aligned and consistent during investigations.


Laser grid pens serve as a radiant guide. It lights the way forward (no pun intended) to mysterious and paranormal realms.

Who would have thought that something so tiny and compact would be able to project light beams that could alter the way we see ghosts? This is definitely something to get your hands on. Perhaps you'll even see some unexplained visual disturbances in your own home...



What is a laser grid pen?

A grid pen is a laser pen, but instead of projecting a single dot, it displays a square grid, or many dots. The lasers come in different colours like red or green, and the grids range in size and shape.


Why do ghost hunter’s user laser grids?

Laser grids are often used by paranormal investigators to see the movement of spirits visually. With a large area covered with a grid or dots, it makes it easier to see the small light distortions which may occur when a spirit passes in front of them. Which you may find impossible to notice in the dark or a normally lit room.


Do laser grids really work for ghost hunting?

There is no scientific spoof to suggest laser grids work for ghost hunting purposes. Many claim to have caught figures moving in front of the grids. But its near impossible to prove if this is genuine, or if there is a rational explanation behind it.


Which is the best laser grid for ghost hunting?

There is no evidence to suggest which laser grid pen is the best. The green and red colours are the most popular, but it comes down to your preference. One some of the cheaper models, you have to keep the button pressed in. While on the dearer models, you don’t need to hold the button once switched on.


What to look for when using a laser grid for ghost hunting

When looking for a pen, it comes down to your preference. Green is usually brighter than the red as the green spectrum is more visible to the human eye. And the different shapes and styles of grids all work just as well.