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Laser grid pen: There are many types of laser grids and laser pens for ghost hunting. The most common is the one that displays hundreds of dots, and there are now ones that display grids. Easily see spirits and general visual disturbances during a paranormal investigation. There are many different coloured pens available. Red and green tend to be the most visible and effective when ghost hunting. Laser Grid Matrix Pen Projectors have grown in popularity recently due to them being very effective in catching paranormal evidence. If you see lights go out or distort, you know something is affecting it.




What is a laser grid pen?

A grid pen is a laser pen, but instead of projecting a single dot, it displays a square grid, or many dots. The lasers come in different colours like red or green, and the grids range in size and shape.


Why do ghost hunter’s user laser grids?

Laser grids are often used by paranormal investigators to see the movement of spirits visually. With a large area covered with a grid or dots, it makes it easier to see the small light distortions which may occur when a spirit passes in front of them. Which you may find impossible to notice in the dark or a normally lit room.


Do laser grids really work for ghost hunting?

There is no scientific spoof to suggest laser grids work for ghost hunting purposes. Many claim to have caught figures moving in front of the grids. But its near impossible to prove if this is genuine, or if there is a rational explanation behind it.


Which is the best laser grid for ghost hunting?

There is no evidence to suggest which laser grid pen is the best. The green and red colours are the most popular, but it comes down to your preference. One some of the cheaper models, you have to keep the button pressed in. While on the dearer models, you don’t need to hold the button once switched on.


What to look for when using a laser grid for ghost hunting

When looking for a pen, it comes down to your preference. Green is usually brighter than the red as the green spectrum is more visible to the human eye. And the different shapes and styles of grids all work just as well.