Shop for motion detectors at SpiritShack! We have a good selection of motion detectors for ghost hunting purposes. Products in the motion sensor family usually use infrared light to detect object and ghost movements. Passive versions detect changes in the amount of infrared light which hit the sensor, such as when a warm or cold body passes through their field of view. The active types emit light and detect changes in the amount that is reflected and received back by the motion sensor. Many of our sensors vary in sensitivity and respond in different ways.

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How Do They Work?

A motion detector is one of the most effective devices for detecting movement when you're on your ghost-hunting adventures. Passive infrared (PIR) technologies react to body heat and changes in temperature, resulting in dependable triggers each time motions detected.

SpiritShack stocks a wide range of high-quality motion sensors for you to use both indoors and outdoors. While this type of technology is most commonly found in security systems, no paranormal expedition is complete without one of our motion detectors.

We invite you to browse our selection at your leisure and to get in touch with our knowledgeable team if you have any questions about our sensors.

Our Wide Range of Motion Detectors

Here at SpiritShack, we have carefully selected a range of motion detectors especially suited for ghost-hunting. When you browse our online catalogue, you'll find that we have small, simple devices, motion sensors disguised as teddy bears and everything in between.

One of our most popular products is a motion-detection trip wire, which you can set up in your room. We even have a motion detector that plays music whenever it detects a moving object!

Our products have various capabilities and price points, ensuring that there is truly something for everyone. No matter what type of movement detector you're looking for, you're sure to find it in our comprehensive range.

Choosing The Right Motion Detector for You

There are a few factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the right movement detector for you, including:

  • Size

  • Capabilities

  • How the motion detector responds to movement

  • Your budget

  • Charging method

  • Intended use

No matter your preferences, we trust that you'll find the perfect movement detector for your needs. When you click on any of our motion sensors, you'll be redirected to a product page. This product page will list everything you need to know about that specific sensor.

Motion Sensors: The Perfect Accessory for Your Ghost-Hunting Adventures

A wireless motion sensor will definitely come in handy during your ghost-hunting adventures. This lightweight device detects motion and can be triggered in the presence of a spirit. Our motion sensors are easy to use and indicate the presence of movement through lights, alarms and even music.

While a motion detector is one of the most important devices in any ghost-hunting kit, you may also want to invest in a few other pieces of equipment. We recommend buying a camera rig, an infrared camera, and an EDI meter to document your experiences.

There is no need to buy everything at once. You can slowly start acquiring new devices for your paranormal adventures, and remember that there is always more to learn about ghost hunting and the equipment that goes along with it.

Why Buy a Movement Detector from SpiritShack?

There are hundreds of other companies that sell motion sensors online, so why choose us? Here at SpiritShack, we sell motion sensors that are especially suited for ghost hunting and the detection of paranormal activity.

Furthermore, we aim to provide our clients with excellent customer service alongside a convenient online shopping experience. We are proud of the quality of our products, and we trust that your motion sensor from SpiritShack will be used for many years to come.

Enjoy a range of secure payment options as well as delivery to your door. If you are looking to purchase a motion detector in the UK, there is no better company to buy from than SpiritShack.

How to Charge Your Motion Sensor

Whether you prefer to use batteries or a charging cable, we have the ideal movement detector for you. All charging information is listed in the product description.

Make sure that your movement detector is fully charged before any ghost-hunting expedition. This device will be very helpful during your paranormal adventures, so you don't want it to run out of battery.

Different Types of Motion Detector Alerts

The most common type of alert for motion sensors is a flashing light. The light will activate whenever motions' detected. However, there are also alarm systems that let off a sound when the PIR is triggered. Depending on the type, the alarm may sound like a siren, or it may even play music when activated.

There are plenty of great options to choose from, so make sure to look at everything when you compile your ghost-hunting kit.

Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor Use

Motion sensors have the ability to detect motions both indoors and outdoors. This is why these devices are so commonly used in home security systems. So whether you are exploring a haunted house or a graveyard, don't forget to take your trusty motion sensor with you.

One of the other great things about these sensors is that they can also be used during the day or night. When activated, you'll receive alerts no matter the brightness.

The Ideal Gift for the Ghost Hunter in Your Life

Do you have a ghost hunter in your life? A motion sensor from SpiritShack could be the perfect gift for them! Any ghost hunter — new or experienced — would welcome a new motion detector to add to their ghost-hunting kit.

If you're not too sure which type of motion sensor they would like best, you could always buy them a gift card. This way your loved one can purchase the product that they are most interested in, and maybe even have a look at some of our other ghost-hunting equipment.

Movement Detector Applications

If you have a security system or an alarm system in your home, you most likely already own some type of motion sensor.

Motion detection technology is used in alarm systems, home security, light switches, phone cameras, outdoor lights, smartphone applications and more. There are several types of motion detectors, including optic sensors, infrared sensors, and radio wave sensors among others.

Most of the motion sensors sold by SpiritShack make use of passive infrared technology to detect motions. This type of sensor can detect changes in room temperature, body heat, and moving objects - perfect for finding a ghost.

Adjust Your Motion Sensor Settings for the Best Results

If you want to get the most accurate results when using your motion sensor from SpiritShack, you must adjust your settings accordingly. Most motion detectors will come with an instruction manual that will tell you everything you need to know about adjusting the sensitivity.

If you increase the sensitivity levels, you should be able to detect the movement of small objects and animals. Remember to always stand behind your motion sensor so that you don't trigger the sensor with your own movement.

More Than Just Motion Sensors

You probably came across the SpiritShack website while looking for the perfect movement detector. However, you should keep in mind that we sell an extensive range of other ghost-hunting gear through our online platform.

Some of our other products include ghost-hunting lights, camera rigs, divination equipment, dowsing rods, EDI meters, EVP recorders, and more. Take the time to browse some of our other products before you head to check out. You never know what you may find!



How a motion detector works

The PIR motion detectors send out infrared waves which bounce off all the walls and objects in the area continuously. If the readings which have bounced back change, i.e., something has moved, the device will trigger. Such as the alarm going off or lights illuminating.


What can set off a motion detector?

On many motion detectors, the sensitivity level can be adjusted. By default, most motion sensors will be triggered by the movement of a person. Often, you can increase the sensitivity to capture the movement of small animals and objects.


How to use a motion detector for ghost hunting

To use a motion detector for ghost hunting purposes, turn on, and set down the sensor. You can walk away and leave it and return if it is triggered to carry on your investigation there. Of you can stand behind it and ask the spirits to trigger it.


How far does a motion detector work?

The range of motion detectors varies drastically, from 1 ft to more than 20ft. On many motion sensors, you can adjust the range and sensitivity of the motion sensor, to better suit your needs.


What does a motion detector look like?

Motion detectors come in all different shapes and sizes. The most common look, is a fist sized white box, with what looks like a white screen on and a red light LED. You can get smaller stealth motion sensors, and sensors disguised as teddy bears and kids toys.