Shop for motion detectors at SpiritShack! We have a good selection of motion detectors for ghost hunting purposes. Products in the motion sensor family usually use infrared light to detect object and ghost movements. Passive versions detect changes in the amount of infrared light which hit the sensor, such as when a warm or cold body passes through their field of view. The active types emit light and detect changes in the amount that is reflected and received back by the motion sensor. Many of our sensors vary in sensitivity and respond in different ways.

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How a motion detector works

The PIR motion detectors send out infrared waves which bounce off all the walls and objects in the area continuously. If the readings which have bounced back change, i.e., something has moved, the device will trigger. Such as the alarm going off or lights illuminating.


What can set off a motion detector?

On many motion detectors, the sensitivity level can be adjusted. By default, most motion sensors will be triggered by the movement of a person. Often, you can increase the sensitivity to capture the movement of small animals and objects.


How to use a motion detector for ghost hunting

To use a motion detector for ghost hunting purposes, turn on, and set down the sensor. You can walk away and leave it and return if it is triggered to carry on your investigation there. Of you can stand behind it and ask the spirits to trigger it.


How far does a motion detector work?

The range of motion detectors varies drastically, from 1 ft to more than 20ft. On many motion sensors, you can adjust the range and sensitivity of the motion sensor, to better suit your needs.


What does a motion detector look like?

Motion detectors come in all different shapes and sizes. The most common look, is a fist sized white box, with what looks like a white screen on and a red light LED. You can get smaller stealth motion sensors, and sensors disguised as teddy bears and kids toys.