Non-contact Temperature Gun for Ghost Hunting. Ghost Hunters use an infrared thermometer temperature gun. To measure climate changes, look for drops and spikes in haunted locations. Spirits are said to be able to create cold spots. And you may see spikes very quickly. Rapid changes are commonplace in the paranormal. And are usually a good sign. That a ghost or spirit is close to you. They are well worth the price and usually come with an LCD. Check the surface temperature in one second! You can check how hot or cold something is. It is as quick as you can point and click the trigger.

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What is a temperature gun?

A temperature gun, also known as an infrared thermometer. It's a handheld device which uses infrared technology to measure the temperature of an object or surface.


How do temperature guns work?

Temperature guns measure the amount of infrared radiation emitted by a surface. The device then uses this measurement to calculate the warmth of the object or surface at which it's pointed.


How are infrared thermometers used in ghost hunting?

Some ghost hunters believe that changes in heat levels can indicate the presence of a spirit. They may use a temperature gun to measure the coldness of an object. They identify anomalies that might show areas where paranormal activity has taken place.


Are laser thermometers reliable for detecting ghosts?

Temperature guns are not reliable for detecting ghosts on their own. But they can indicate thermal condition changes caused by them. Just remember that natural factors can cause temperature changes.


Which environmental factors can cause temperature changes?

Many natural factors can cause temperature changes. Some of these include air currents, drafts, sunlight and electrical equipment. And changes in humidity and barometric pressure.