Are you looking for a good Ghost Hunting App? Paranormal apps are becoming popular within the paranormal field. And many more developers are coming up with unique ideas. The Occult Dice and Provoke applications are enjoyable, for example. You don’t just have paranormal equipment and a video recorder. There are many to choose from, like the EMF detector, EVP recorder, and SLS camera.

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Do ghost hunting apps work?

Most applications are designed to be fun and creepy and do not work. But the EVP recorder apps can work just as well as an EVP recorder. And any application which uses your device's compass to detect EMF may work.


Can a paranormal app cause paranormal activity?

You can cause activity by using them. By installing a paranormal app and attempting to speak with ghosts, you are opening a doorway. Once this doorway is opened, entities may come through it. This is no different to using an Ouija board to try to communicate.


What is the best free paranormal app?

The best free paranormal app is Hunting Ghosts by SGK1. It's available on Google Play Store. It features a built-in spirit box, EMF meter and EVP recorder. It's a great application, to begin with.


What is the best premium ghost hunting app?

The best paid paranormal app is the SLS Camera Pro app by SpiritShack. Using structured light, it creates a 3D map of the environment. This 3D map of objects allows it to see ghosts we can't. You can use it to see ghosts in real-time.


How do you use paranormal apps?

While all apps are different, their principles remain the same. Ensure you are in a known haunted location. And ask spirits to communicate using the app. Be polite and patient with the spirits, and allow them time to respond.