Are you looking for a good Ghost Hunting App? Paranormal apps are becoming popular within the paranormal field. And many more developers are coming up with unique ideas. The Occult Dice and Provoke applications are enjoyable, for example. You don’t just have paranormal equipment and a video recorder. There are many to choose from, like the EMF detector, EVP recorder, and SLS camera.

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Hunt Ghosts With Your Phone

Have you ever wondered if you have a sixth sense when it comes to occult beings? Ever walked into a room and instant tingles run up and down your spine or the hair behind your neck stands on end? Perhaps you swore you heard a faint whisper when something brushed past your cheek when turning that corner last night...

Or, you're already a seasoned ghost hunter looking for something new to add to your ghoul-hunting collection.


Then, my ghoulish friends, this is why you need one of our exclusive ghost-hunting apps - to help you track down the spirits you so willingly seek. Designed for amateurs and seasoned ghost hunters, our apps provide the tools to explore the unknown.

Detection Methods

Whether it be an EMF meter, voice recorder, or EMF detector - you can detect spirits straight from your phone or tablet. Enter a realm where paranormal activity and modern-day technology collide; where the deathly, dark underworld meets the light, and where hunting ghosts has never been more exciting...

Get ready to transform your phone into a ghost-catching device that even sceptics will have a hard time denying the facts.

What Are Ghost Hunting Apps?

Ghost hunting apps are mobile applications designed for those interested in paranormal investigation and ghost hunting. These apps help detect and communicate with ghosts or other supernatural entities. They are used with various ghost-hunting equipment and play a major part in paranormal investigations.

Here are a few common ghost-hunting apps:

  • Electromagnetic Field Meter (or EMF detector) apps work seamlessly from most Android or iPhones and usually use the smartphone's built-in compass to measure fluctuations in electromagnetic fields - which are believed to be connected with the afterlife.
  • Electric Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recorders are ghost communicator devices. They're used to record audio sounds that are believed to have hidden messages from spirits. EVPs capture and analyse this data.
  • Spirit or ghost box apps scan through various white noise or radio frequencies to pick up random words or sounds from the other side. It's believed spirits can manipulate these sounds to communicate.
  • Ghost detector apps have a radar-like interface that scans your vicinity for any paranormal presence. They use various built-in iPhone or Android sensors to detect movement, frequencies, or sounds.
  • Thermal camera apps claim to turn your smartphone into a ghost-catching camera; detecting temperature fluctuations. Cold spots are often associated with the supernatural, and these apps can steer you in the direction of a ghost's location.
  • Augmented reality (AR) apps use your phone's camera and AR technology to bring ghosts 'to life' on your screen. These apps are often used for entertainment purposes.

Why Choose Our Ghost Hunting Apps?

Paranormal apps are becoming popular within the industry. And many more developers are coming up with unique ideas. Each ghost-hunting app offers unique features to enhance your spiritual adventures, which include:

  • Cutting-edge technology - the latest in digital detection. Our apps offer unparalleled accuracy in identifying haunted beings.
  • Our user-friendly interface is easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless ghost-hunting experience.
  • All apps are equipped with real-time data, keeping you informed and up to date with paranormal activity in your vicinity.
  • Each of our ghost-hunting apps has 5* reviews and has been vetted by experts.
  • Hunting ghosts hasn't been more fun (or creepy!) when you use one of our ghost-hunting apps!

Explore Our Range

It's worth mentioning that if you're not getting relevant responses, the spirits are unwilling to communicate at that time. Be patient - they will come...

Book Of Black Magic Spells

  • £3.33
  • Available for Android and Apple downloads
  • Over 30 enchanting spells
  • Powerful effects
  • No ads in the app


  • £4.16
  • Available for Android and Apple downloads
  • The most precise ghost-communicator device you will find
  • Analyses white noise and reads the words out loud
  • The app keeps a history of previously chosen words

EMF Meter Pro

  • £3.99
  • Available for Android and Apple downloads
  • Great functionality and sensory data of electromagnetic forces
  • No ads in the app

EVP Recorder Professional

  • £3.33
  • Available for Android and Apple downloads
  • Highly effective recording specs
  • Thoroughly tested
  • Speak to spirits and hear their response through your phone's built-in microphone

Necrophone Pro

  • £4.99
  • Available for Android and Apple downloads
  • Comes with a preloaded sound bank of 2,000 words for better spiritual communication
  • New features include white noise, reverb and echo
  • No ads or pop-ups in the app
  • No subscription or in-app purchase needed

Occult Dice

  • £4.16
  • Available for Android and Apple downloads
  • Immersive experience
  • Spell out hidden messages or random words on the occult dice interface
  • A modern twist on your genetic spirit box or Ouija board
  • No ads in the apps
  • Lifetime membership

Ouija Board - Do You Dare?

  • £2.49
  • Available for Android and Apple downloads
  • User-friendly interface
  • Talk with spirits directly
  • Best used when the lights are turned off
  • Available for offline play

PROVOKE - Demon Summoning

  • £3.33
  • Available for Android and Apple downloads
  • Play demonic audio to summon the spirits
  • Easy to use
  • No ads in the app
  • Free updates for life

SLS Camera Pro

  • £5.83
  • Available for Android and Apple downloads
  • Track and monitor ghoulish entities in your surroundings in real-time
  • Impressive accuracy
  • Lifetime membership

If you're looking to expand your ghost-hunting kit, check out some of these ghost-hunting gear additions to use along with your new ghost hunting app:

  • Ouija or planchette boards: Ask the spirits questions and get your answers.
  • REM pods: Pick up ghostly static electricity.
  • Ovilus communicators: When connected to EMF readers, they provide you with words from the spirits.
  • PIR sensors: Detect infrared radiation.
  • Dowsing rods: Help you locate spirit energy.
  • Spirit boxes: Communicate with the unseen world
  • Cameras: Capture everything you uncover with a full spectrum or thermal imaging camera.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary and downright frightening journey into the heart of the paranormal? Our ghost-hunting apps are more than just tools, they're communication companions, linking you to the creepy beings you deeply seek.

With every use, you'll unlock secrets, hear untold stories, and maybe even contact wicked spirits. Download our apps now and be part of a community that dares to explore their horizons. Take a step into the ghoulish world that awaits you and uncover an adventure like never before.

In your quest to explore the other side, it's never advised to go on ghost-hunting expeditions alone. So why not find other like-minded ghost-hunters also using these apps and go on a group hunting experience?

Whether you're just starting or have seen many ghosts in your day, we invite you to enter a realm where paranormal activity and modern-day technology collide...



Do ghost hunting apps work?

Most applications are designed to be fun and creepy and do not work. But the EVP recorder apps can work just as well as an EVP recorder. And any application which uses your device's compass to detect EMF may work.


Can a paranormal app cause paranormal activity?

You can cause activity by using them. By installing a paranormal app and attempting to speak with ghosts, you are opening a doorway. Once this doorway is opened, entities may come through it. This is no different to using an Ouija board to try to communicate.


What is the best free paranormal app?

The best free paranormal app is Hunting Ghosts by SGK1. It's available on Google Play Store. It features a built-in spirit box, EMF meter and EVP recorder. It's a great application, to begin with.


What is the best premium ghost hunting app?

The best paid paranormal app is the SLS Camera Pro app by SpiritShack. Using structured light, it creates a 3D map of the environment. This 3D map of objects allows it to see ghosts we can't. You can use it to see ghosts in real-time.


How do you use paranormal apps?

While all apps are different, their principles remain the same. Ensure you are in a known haunted location. And ask spirits to communicate using the app. Be polite and patient with the spirits, and allow them time to respond.