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If you are looking for ghost hunting equipment, you have come to the right place! We have a good range of paranormal equipment, you can find our bestsellers. All of which will get you on your way to the perfect ghost hunt. We have many years of experience in the field and using paranormal investigative equipment. Whether you are looking for digital voice recorders, night vision cameras, spirit boxes or anything else, please take a look through our range or get in touch with our team today.

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The Most Essential Tools of the Paranormal Trade

Welcome to the spine-tingling world of ghost-hunting, where the journey into the unknown meets the thrill of the supernatural.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to communicate with spirits or uncover eerie mysteries, you're in for a bewitching adventure...

Picture yourself all set up to explore a haunted house. Or ready to wander through the shadowy halls of an abandoned asylum. The excitement is building, but do you have the ghost hunting equipment?

Maybe you've got the basics down, but what about the essentials? Just take it from famous paranormal investigator Zak Bagans: "No two paranormal investigators do things in the same way, but everyone should have a checklist of the essential items needed for their research."

1. Ouija Board

One of the oldest tools in the box is the Ouija board. It's a tool for unlocking mysteries from the spirit world. Imagine a board with letters, numbers, and a "yes" and "no" where you can communicate with spirits by asking questions.

Using the Ouija board is easy; gather your friends around, lightly touch the planchette, and ask your questions. Watch in amazement as the planchette moves on its own to spell out answers or convey messages from the beyond.

2. Spirit Box

The spirit box - now, this is where ghost hunting gets spooky! Also known as a ghost box, the spirit box rapidly cycles through radio frequencies.

This device is like a combination of a radio and an EVP recorder. The idea is to allow spirits to manipulate and communicate through these channels. So, if you've got burning questions that need answers, or you wish to confirm the presence of a paranormal entity, you need a spirit box! The two we recommend are the SBOX and the P-SB7T.

3. EMF Meter

If you've been in the paranormal investigation game for quite some time, you're well acquainted with the EMF meter. It's an absolute must-have in your kit.

EMF, short for electromagnetic fields, is those invisible zones of energy that you can detect with this special device. Many ghost hunters believe ghosts can mess with these fields, causing the meter to spike.

While EMFs can come from all sorts of things, like phones, wiring and even the Earth, these detectors still prove incredibly handy for paranormal research.

4. SLS Camera

If you're into this spooky world, you've probably heard of or seen a Structured Light Sensor (SLS) camera. You might even recognise these cameras from hit paranormal TV shows.

SLS cameras are a big deal among paranormal tech enthusiasts. The camera can generate real-time, 3D images of its surroundings. It maps out the space by projecting infrared light patterns onto surfaces. And analysing how that light bounces back.

5. Digital EVP Recorder

If there's one piece of ghost hunting equipment that paranormal investigators swear by, it's an EVP recorder.

Audio recordings of potential paranormal activity are one of the most pertinent pieces of evidence you can capture. A digital recorder that can capture electronic voice phenomena. EVP's are those eerie, disembodied sounds, so it's a great tool.

You'll want a high-quality recorder with plenty of storage that can sift through the background noise.

6. Ovilus

Unlike your typical spirit box or audio recorder, the Ovilus offers a unique way to chat with spirits. Instead of ghosts talking directly through it, they use different sounds to create words.

This setup is handy because sometimes, working out what an EVP is trying to say can be like decoding a secret message. With the Ovilus, you not only get the word, but it even pops up on screen. Making your ghostly conversations a lot clearer.

7. Ghost-Hunting Apps

There's a budget-friendly solution: your trusty smartphone! Even better, some ghost-hunting apps can provide functionalities on par with physical paranormal devices, including night vision cameras, EMF meters, EVP recorders and more.

8. REM Pod

Here's another custom-made gadget tailored specifically for ghost hunters. You may have seen the REM Pod in action on one of those popular ghost-hunting TV shows. It's a super-sensitive EMF reader paired with a speaker.

This device does all the magnetic field watching for you. And you don't have to lift a finger – it's one of the most hands-off pieces of ghost hunting equipment.

9. Digital Camcorder with Night Vision

It goes without saying that a camera is one of the most important pieces of equipment to bring on your paranormal investigations. But only some cameras will do. You'll want one with high resolution and night vision capabilities, like the infrared camera.

You've probably seen ghost-hunting shows where they snap photos and later find mysterious anomalies or apparitions in the shots. With a night vision camcorder, you can capture all the ghostly activity. Including orbs, mists, and other unexplained phenomena you might encounter.

10. Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging cameras are a ghost hunter's best friend. They might be the key to providing solid evidence for your "I swear it was a ghost!" story.

You see, ghosts often remain hidden from plain sight. But, it's believed that temperature changes are signs of paranormal activity. You can sweep the area, keeping an eye out for any odd temperature fluctuations and those telltale "cold spots".

11. Infrared Thermometer

In the ghost-hunting game, it's well-known that ghosts tend to mess with the temperature in a room. Besides your skin, an infrared thermometer helps you confirm when the room suddenly feels colder or warmer. Giving you the lowdown on potential ghostly visitors.

Think of temperature changes as ghostly footprints; thermometers help you follow the trail.

A quality temperature gun can measure the ambient temperature in a space and indicate any of those elusive "cold spots".


Ghost-hunting isn't just about a trusty torch and your wits. Some ghost hunts necessitate key equipment in your ghost hunting equipment.

Remember, it's all about embracing the thrill of the unexplained. And who knows, you might glimpse a ghost or two...



Do I need all this paranormal gear on a ghost hunt?

Absolutely! These are the essentials in your ghost-hunting kit; doing without them may mean you miss an opportunity to gather strong paranormal research.


Where can I buy essential ghost hunting equipment?

You can find ghost-hunting tools at any dedicated ghost hunting equipment store, like SpiritShack. Here, you'll find almost every tool for exploring the paranormal you can think of! We have ghost detectors and EMF meters to divination equipment and more.


Are there any tips on using these ghost-hunting tools?

You certainly don't want to go into an investigation blind, including understanding your gear. Here are a few key tips:

  • Get to know your equipment. You don't want to miss the chance to capture a spirit if you can't even operate your camera!
  • Document everything. Don't leave it to chance; you may capture something you never would have noticed during the investigation.
  • Watch out for false positives. For example, an EMF meter may pick up electrical wiring instead of a spirit. Rule out natural explanations and cross-reference any findings to be triple sure!

What is ghost hunting equipment, and how does it work?

It's a broad term which covers many products designed for detecting and speaking with ghosts. There are spirit boxes, EVP recorders and Ouija boards for communicating with spirits. Ghost cameras, infrared cameras and SLS cameras for seeing them visually. And rem pods, EMF meters, temperature guns, ghost detectors and ghost-hunting apps for detecting them.


Do I need special training to use this equipment?

No, you do not need any special training to use our equipment. Most of our products come with instructions. You can find instructional videos and written directions for each product on each product page.


Is paranormal equipment safe to use?

Ghost hunting gear is generally safe, but be careful in your home. You can open a doorway to the other side when reaching out to the spirit world. And you may not be able to close doorways opened inside your home.


What types of paranormal equipment do you offer?

There are many types of equipment available. It depends on whether you want to detect, speak to, or see them. You can communicate with spirits using a ghost box or Ovilus. A ghost box is a modified radio explicitly designed for spirit communication. You can detect the presence of them using a temperature gun. As many paranormal investigators believe spirits create unexplained hot and cold spots.


Can I buy individual pieces of equipment or complete kits?

Of course, we sell all of our products separately, and we sell kits. There are beginner kits for people with a smaller budget. And we have advanced kits for people with a larger budget.


Where can I hunt ghosts?

If you are looking for ghost hunts near you, you can look for a local cemetery via Google search. Of, if you prefer a paid location, check out