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Shop for death whistles at SpiritShack! Death whistles are ancient, and people have found them buried with some Aztec people. There are many theories as to why people buried them with whistles. The Aztec whistles give off a loud, frightening scream when used. Many people believe this shriek will summon Aztec spirits. Many paranormal researchers report heightened activity after use. Be careful with these and avoid using them in your home to prevent inviting something negative.



What is a death whistle?

People first found the whistle in Mexico, and it's exclusive to the Mexica people. The inner design of the tool is unique and sounds like a horrifying screeching sound. Discoverers called it the whistle of death. Because the Aztek people used it to help guide sacrificial victims on their journey after death.


How does the Mayan death whistle work?

The design of the whistle is unique, and there is no other like it in known existence. Some experts explain it as having an internal air spring. When you blow air in, it interacts with a well-like air spring in a rounded chamber. The unique way the air moves creates sound distortions. The noise made sounds like screaming.


What does the death whistle sound like?

The whistle has a unique sound. It sounds like a horrific animal or human screaming. When blown correctly, it is likely to send shivers down your spine. Internally it contains a rounded area well, which distorts the sound.


Does the death whistle cause paranormal activity?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that whistle causes paranormal activity. But it has gained demand amongst paranormal researchers. Some say it increases activity levels by mimicking sounds of screaming. This screaming is intended to summon sacrificial Mayan victims.


Why does the Aztek death whistle sound like screaming?

The whistle mimics the sound of deathly screaming, which is spine-chilling. This works by the round-shaped air well inside, distorting the sound of moving air. It's believed by discoverers the whistle has been made this way on purpose.