Shop for Haunted Items at SpiritShack! We sell cursed items, such as spooky dolls, for paranormal research. Some paranormal researchers prefer to acquire haunted objects to conduct investigations with the possessed items in their homes. It can be easier than going out to supernatural locations and, in some cases. We often donated cursed objects, as the owners wish to avoid keeping them and no longer want the activity in their home. Rather than destroy them, we try and find them a new home.

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Where can you buy haunted items?

We sell cursed items right here at SpiritShack. We sell infested dolls, cursed rings, dybbuk boxes and more.


What are haunted items?

Haunted items are reported to have a ghost or demon attached to them. It’s not an attachment in a physical sense. Or more of a case of the entity choosing to follow that item. Examples include possessed dolls and dybbuk boxes.


How much do possessed items cost?

Possessed items range from free to hundreds of pounds in the UK. Some people are happy to give occult items away because they no longer want them. Some cursed items like cursed dolls and dybbuk boxes can sell for hundreds of pounds.


How do you tell if an item has an attachment?

You can tell if an item is possessed if paranormal activity follows the item. If you bring a new item into your home, strange and unexplained activity occurs. There is a possibility something is attached to that item.


Are cursed items real?

Many claim possessed items are real, including famous cases such as the Annabel doll and Robert the doll. While many still remain sceptical.