Shop for Haunted Items at SpiritShack! We sell cursed items, such as spooky dolls, for paranormal research. Some paranormal researchers prefer to acquire haunted objects to conduct investigations with the possessed items in their homes. It can be easier than going out to supernatural locations and, in some cases. We often donated cursed objects, as the owners wish to avoid keeping them and no longer want the activity in their home. Rather than destroy them, we try and find them a new home.

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Learn More About Haunted Objects

Humans have been fascinated with the occult and paranormal for millennia.

Not only have we, since the beginning of time, been talking about all things spooky and supernatural, but we've also been intrigued by the stories of haunted items and cursed artefacts.

These cursed items - rumoured to be inhabited by spirits and possessing unique powers - are feared by some but are also a must-have collectors' item for others.

Continue reading as we tell you more about the different haunted objects and explore SpiritShack's range of spooky, hair-raising haunted items.

Types Of Haunted Items

The most common types of haunted items you'd find include:

1. Haunted dolls

Not all porcelain dolls are as adorable and loving as they seem. Some of these possessed dolls, with their milky-white porcelain skin and Victorian dresses, hide a lot of dark secrets.

Many of these cursed dolls - like voodoo dolls - also often sport black eyes and creepy face paintings and house sinister spirits. Some haunted dolls may also have psychic abilities.

2. Dybbuk boxes

Another favourite collector's item for many fans of haunted objects is Dybbuk boxes. Inhabited by disembodied, evil spirits, these cursed objects bring bad luck and paranormal activity into their owners' homes.

Haunted boxes should only be used by those with nerves of steel and the necessary experience.

3. Djinn rings

With their roots in Arabic mythology and folklore, these rings house jinns (also called djinns), or spirits, capable of assuming various forms. The spirits imprisoned in these haunted rings possess immense supernatural powers.

Jinns can bring fortune and misfortune and should only be owned by those with a strong will and experience.

Advantages Of Owning A Haunted Item

Owning a haunted item holds the following benefits:

Enhanced paranormal investigation abilities

  • Gives direct access to paranormal activity. Owning a haunted item allows users direct access to a constant source of paranormal activity. Directly working with haunted items and observing their otherworldly activities improves your observation and experimentation.

  • Helps refine testing equipment and techniques. Using these haunted items as a direct connection to the spiritual world, investigators can fine-tune their investigation techniques. You can also use the feedback to validate the efficacy of your equipment.

  • Attracts other entities. Using a haunted item can attract other entities and increase your chances of capturing and documenting evidence of spirit activity.

Improve research and learning

  • Insights into the paranormal world. A haunted item, such as a Djinn ring or haunted doll, can give investigators first-hand experience interacting with a specific entity. This can provide valuable insights into the nature of the paranormal world and its inhabitants.

  • Helps understand specific entities. The information you gather while interacting with your haunted item's spirit can help you better understand the paranormal being's history, personality, and behaviour.

  • Test theories and hypotheses. Investigators can conduct controlled experiments and observations with their haunted items to test theories about the spirit world.

Publicity and recognition

  • Increases investigation credibility. Possessing a well-documented haunted item can enhance an investigator's credibility.

  • Share knowledge and experiences. Access to well-documented haunted items and their specific characteristics makes it easier to share findings and experiences with other investigators.

Personal growth and connection

  • Deepens connection with the paranormal. Regular interaction with a haunted item such as a Dybbuk box or haunted doll helps deepen one's understanding and connection with the spirit world.

  • Overcome fear and scepticism. Interacting with a haunted object can help investigators overcome their fear and scepticism, which helps strengthen confidence.

  • Promote openness and acceptance. Paranormal investigators can also use their experiences and understanding of the spiritual world - gained through working with haunted items - to foster greater acceptance and openness for the spirit world among the public.

The Risks Of Owning A Haunted Item

It is also important to note that owning haunted items comes with certain risks, including:

Physical harm

  • Direct physical attacks. Some paranormal entities, depending on their nature, can become physically violent and scratch, bite, or cause serious injuries.

  • Sleep disturbances. Haunted items can disrupt sleep and lead to physical fatigue, irritability, and impaired judgment.

  • Health problems. The constant negative energy and fear that comes with owning a haunted item can lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, or anxiety.

Psychological harm

  • Fear and paranoia. Many owners of haunted items have reported fear, anxiety, and paranoia, which impacted their mental well-being.

  • Emotional distress. Some entities can be manipulative and domineering which can lead to emotional distress and trauma when regularly using a haunted item. Witnessing and experiencing various paranormal manifestations can also lead to additional emotional distress.

  • Obsessive behaviour. Excessive use of haunted items can lead to unhealthy and obsessive habits and can cause users to neglect other aspects of their lives.

Spiritual harm

  • Spiritual attachment. The encapsulated entity may attach itself to you or others leading to physical, mental and spiritual harm, negatively impacting spiritual growth.

  • Negative influences. Paranormal entities may manipulate or negatively influence a user's thoughts and actions.

  • Opening portals. Your haunted item may potentially become a portal for other entities leading to increased paranormal activity in your home. These new entities may also cause you harm.

Using And Owning A Haunted Item

When deciding to buy a haunted item, remember the following:

  • Prioritise safety and well-being. Consult your supplier or the haunted item's original owner to ensure it poses no physical or psychological harm to yourself or others.

  • Respect the entity. Always treat your haunted item and its encapsulated entity with respect and dignity.

  • Responsible use and research. Properly research your haunted item and use it responsibly.

  • Seek expert guidance. Consult with experienced investigators or researchers on how to properly and responsibly use your haunted item.

SpiritShack's Range Of Haunted Items

We have a range of cursed objects for sale on SpiritShack:

  • Haunted Dolls. Our range of haunted dolls not only looks the part but also guarantees direct access to the spiritual world. With their wide range of designs, creepy looks, and psychic abilities, SpiritShack's haunted dolls can significantly enhance your paranormal investigations.

  • Dybbuk boxes. Perfect for demonology experts, SpiritShack's collection of haunted boxes each comes with an interesting backstory. These boxes have dark energies attached to them, show a range of spiritual and physical manifestational abilities, and should only be owned and used by the experienced paranormal investigator.

  • Djinn rings. Our selection of Djinn rings house powerful spirits and will be a perfect companion for black magic spells and treated with respect at all times.

Final Thoughts

At SpiritShack, we take the paranormal seriously and always ensure you have the best quality equipment for your ghost-hunting adventures.

Many of our haunted objects, including haunted dolls, Dybbuk boxes, and Djinn rings, have been donated to us by their previous owners, ensuring that instead of being destroyed, they enjoy a second life with their new owners.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced paranormal investigator, SpiritShack has all the ghost-hunting equipment and haunted items you need.

To make your venture into the unseen even more exciting, consider our selection of divination equipment, witchcraft supplies, magic spells, black magic spells, and white magic spells.



Where can you buy haunted items?

We sell cursed items right here at SpiritShack. We sell infested dolls, cursed rings, dybbuk boxes and more.


What are haunted items?

Haunted items are reported to have a ghost or demon attached to them. It’s not an attachment in a physical sense. Or more of a case of the entity choosing to follow that item. Examples include possessed dolls and dybbuk boxes.


How much do possessed items cost?

Possessed items range from free to hundreds of pounds in the UK. Some people are happy to give occult items away because they no longer want them. Some cursed items like cursed dolls and dybbuk boxes can sell for hundreds of pounds.


How do you tell if an item has an attachment?

You can tell if an item is possessed if paranormal activity follows the item. If you bring a new item into your home, strange and unexplained activity occurs. There is a possibility something is attached to that item.


Are cursed items real?

Many claim possessed items are real, including famous cases such as the Annabel doll and Robert the doll. While many still remain sceptical.