“Dybbuk” comes from Hebrew and refers to an evil spirit. One that possesses or attaches itself to an object or person. A Dybbuk box is said to house a demons or multiple Dybbuks. Dybbuk boxes are objects linked with Jewish folklore and paranormal legends. They are antique wooden boxes with intricate carvings or decorations. And are used to house the Dybbuks using witchcraft. Some people claim that opening the box will end badly. And that possessing one can lead to a series of unfortunate events. Including paranormal events and financial problems. Through to health issues or other forms of misfortune.

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A Demon In a Box

Dybbuk boxes - also known as haunted boxes - are a favourite topic of discussion among fans of the occult.

These intricately decorated wooden boxes - believed to house evil spirits - have led to many a ghost story or urban legend, and today still capture the attention of many ghost hunters.

Continue reading as we explore these haunted objects, tell you about their rich history, and give you more information about SpiritShack's range of haunted Dybbuk boxes.

What Are Dybbuk Boxes?

The Dybbuk box is a small wooden box that is said to hold a malicious spirit or demon.

What is a Dybbuk?

"Dybbuk" is a Hebrew word that means "to cleave" and refers to a restless spirit.

A Dybbuk is believed to be the disembodied human spirit of a deceased person who wanders restlessly and cannot move on to the afterlife.

The spirit is trapped in a state of limbo and often seeks refuge in the bodies of a living person. Such spirits can cause the bodies of a person physical harm and emotional distress, which can lead to nervous or mental disorders, illnesses, and even death.

The origin of the Box

These fascinating, haunted boxes are said to have originated in Eastern European Jewish folklore.

According to legend, restless spirits - unable to move on to the afterlife - used to inhabit the bodies of other humans. Exorcists of Jewish belief, therefore, devised a religious rite of capturing these spirits in wooden boxes to keep the living safe.

The cursed boxes were then sealed, with a warning inscribed on their exterior, and hidden away or buried to protect others.

Characteristics of Box

Dybbuk boxes have the following unique characteristics:

  • Age. The box is, generally, old and weathered.

  • Material. These boxes are mostly made of wood.

  • Inscription or markings. The boxes have inscriptions or markings on their exterior shells. These inscriptions - Hebrew symbols or warnings - often warn against tampering with the box to prevent the escape of the harmful spirit.

  • Contents. They contain personal belongings of the deceased or items such as nails, hair, or other items connected to the spirit's physical life.

Paranormal Phenomena of Dybbuk Boxes

Except for their creepy looks and reputation, the boxes also have been reported to:

  • Move by themselves. Many have reported seeing their haunted boxes move across a surface or even levitate.

  • Make unexplained sounds. Many have also been said to emit strange sounds, such as whispers, cries and banging sounds.

  • Cause poltergeist activity. Objects around or near the box may move inexplicably.

  • Bring illness and misfortune. People who have worked with or come into contact with Dybbuk boxes reported physical and mental health issues.

Real-Life Owners of a Dybbuk Box

Below, let's look at some instances where modern-day owners of haunted item have dealt with the supernatural powers of their haunted boxes:

Kevin Mannis

Film producer Kevin Mannis bought a Dybbuk box at a garage sale in 2003 and reported strange and disturbing events after taking the box home. Some of the weird happenings include that the box would move by itself. Mannis also said he often heard strange noises emanating from the haunted box.

He eventually sold the box on eBay (with his online advert saying the box belonged to a Holocaust survivor) to Jason Haxton.

Jason Haxton

Haxton, the Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri, bought the cursed box from Kevin Mannis and later gave it to the well-known paranormal investigator and ghost hunter Zak Bagans.

Zak Bagans

Zak Bagans is the host of the paranormal television series Ghost Adventures. He says the Dybbuk box is one of the most haunted objects he has ever encountered.

He and rapper Post Malone recently touched the cursed box on a special Halloween episode of Ghost Adventures. Malone reportedly has had a barrage of episodes of bad luck since that day. Bagans says he is, today, still afraid to open the box to see what's inside.

The Cursed Box In Movies

Dybbuk boxes have also been the source of inspiration for a few movies:

  • The Possession. This 2012 horror film stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, and Natasha Calis. Based on the Los Angeles Times article "A jinx in a box?" by Leslie Gornstein, this movie is based on an allegedly haunted Dybbuk box. The Dybbuk box - said to originate from a Jewish Polish village - wreaks havoc in the lives of the movie's different main characters, with the box's evil spirit that eventually possesses the body of a 10-year-old girl.

  • Dybbuk Box: The Story of Chris Chambers. This 2019 release tells the story of Chris Chambers, a Texas resident, who orders a Dybbuk box off the dark web. He opens the haunted box on a live stream for his YouTube channel, with scary and near-deadly consequences. This movie is said to be one of the most accurate records of paranormal accounts and is a must-watch for fans of Dybbuk boxes.

  • Dybbuk. This 2021 Hindi-language remake of the 2017 Malayalam film Ezra, stars Emraan Hashmi and Nikita Dutta. It revolves around an antique Dybbuk box that causes a range of paranormal activities in a couple's home. After learning the box contains an evil spirit, the two work with a local rabbi to rid their home of the evil entity.

SpiritShack's Range of Haunted Items

Except for our range of rare and unique Dybbuk boxes, you'll also find the following haunted items on the SpiritShack website:

  • Haunted dolls. Though dolls are a treasured possession of many a young girl, some dolls are evil and play host to sinister spirits. These haunted dolls often have black eyes and creepy face paintings and are known to have given many girls and their families sleepless nights. These cursed dolls should not be given as toys but only used for paranormal investigations.

  • Djinn rings. These cursed rings house jinns (djinns) or spirits with supernatural and evil powers. The jinns in these rings can bring their owners both good and bad luck and should only be used by experienced paranormal investigators.

Final Thoughts

Whether you believe in the supernatural capabilities of Dybbuk boxes, they are fascinating items which warrant attention and discussion.

These haunted boxes house the spirits of those who have long passed but struggle to move on to the other side. Often, these restless spirits have ill intent and are captured in these special boxes to prevent them from harming others.

The source of many a ghost story or urban legend, the boxes have, over recent years, become very popular among collectors of occultic and haunted items.

Contact SpiritShack today for advice on which Dybbuk box would suit your paranormal communication needs.

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What is a dybbuk box?

It's a box or container believed to be inhabited by a dybbuk. It's an evil spirit or entity in Jewish folklore. Many paranormal enthusiasts claim to have received adverse effects after opening these boxes. From health issues to financial problems.


Are dybbuk boxes real?

People debate the existence of dybbuk boxes and cursed objects. They have gained fame through modern urban legends and stories. But their existence and supernatural effects are not science-backed.


What is the origin of dybbuk boxes?

The concept of dybbuk boxes emerged from a story in the early 2000s. It involved a box allegedly discovered by Kevin Mannis. He claimed it belonged to a Holocaust survivor named Havela.


Can opening dybbuk boxes be dangerous?

According to urban legends and popular beliefs, it can be dangerous. Opening or owning one can lead to a series of unfortunate events. And it can cause paranormal and strange happenings. However, these claims are not scientific facts.


Are dybbuk boxes associated with curses?

The boxes are related to curses in popular culture. Many believe owning or interacting with one can have adverse effects. And it may create supernatural or odd disturbances.