Paranormal Magazine… Age old paranormal secrets reviled!

Paranormal Magazine is the UK’s leading magazine in the paranormal world. Filled with superb content helping readers gain insight into this field. Everything from famous hauntings, ghastly ghost images, legends and myths to exposed paranormal teams. There is enough content to suit everyone, including articles, photos, videos, podcasts and more!

The Paranormal Magazine was established in 2013 by Lee Steer and Wayne Ridsdel. You may know Lee Steer from Ghosts of Britain, one of the largest and most respected ghost hunters in the UK. Lee and Lindsay (Ghosts of Britain) have travelled to every corner of the UK in search of the answers, and much of the knowledge and experience they have gained is relieved in their magazine.

Paranormal Magazines mission is to help people learn about the paranormal from people with real experience in the field. There are hundreds of articles and images on the website which will stay in the know. Personally, we love the magazine and keep checking back to see what recent events have been happening. If your wanting to learn more about the mysteries we can’t always see, you should definitely check them out here… Paranormal Magazine.

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