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UV Ultraviolet LED Torch Flashlight Blacklight Light Lamp Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ultraviolet UV LED Torch

The 365nm UV Torch is a great little handheld UV lighting device to carry around with you at ease throughout a paranormal investigation.

What does the Ultraviolet Torch Do?

The UV Torch is small, handheld, but extremely powerful for its …

Ghost Hunting 850nm IR Infrared Night Vision LED Torch Paranormal

Infrared IR Night Vision Torch

This Small IR Infrared Torch 850nm is a lightweight, handheld piece of equipment perfect for carrying around with you on a paranormal investigation.

What Does It Do?

The Small IR Infrared Torch is a great piece of equipment to carry …

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Ghost Hunting

There are loads of misconceptions about ghost hunting. It’s not all dark, spooky forests and abandoned houses. There are lots of fun things to do like visiting museums, libraries, and other popular tourist attractions while you’re on the hunt for …

Handheld smartphone video rig stabilizer for filming from your phone

Smartphone Stabilizer Filming Rig

The Smartphone Stabilizer Filming Rig allows you to walk around while recording or live-streaming from your device with ease.

What Does It Do?

The Smartphone Stabilizer Filming Rig brings an element of stability to any video that you are capturing …