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11 cm small altar bell

15 cm Altar Bell for Rituals and Ceremonies




The small altar bell is 15 cm tall and made of brass. It’s ideal for starting and ending your ritual or ceremony. They are also used by witches to clear energy and to mark celebrations. The bell has a rustic antique effect design. The patterned markings are beautiful. They make a great addition to your altar décor, too.

Elevate your rituals

The 15 cm Altar Bell is more than just a brass instrument; it’s a powerful tool that adds depth and resonance to your rituals and ceremonies. This bell is the ideal companion for any practitioner, whether you’re beginning or concluding a ritual, clearing energy, or marking a special celebration.

Crafted in brass

This altar bell is made of brass and crafted with precision and care. It’s a metal known for its enchanting and melodic sound. When rung, the bell produces a harmonious chime that resonates through your sacred space. The bell creates a serene and mystical atmosphere that enhances the spiritual experience.

Rustic antique effect design

The bell’s design features rustic antique effects, with intricate patterned markings that tell a story of timeless elegance. These markings add to the bell’s aesthetic appeal and infuse it with a sense of history and tradition. It’s not just a bell; it’s a piece of art that complements and enriches your altar décor.

Versatile and symbolic

Altar bells have a versatile range of uses in rituals. They can signal the beginning and end of sacred proceedings, clear stagnant energy, or announce moments of celebration and reverence. Their delicate yet potent sound reminds you of the sacredness of the space and time you practice.

Dimensions and details

The bell measures 15 cm in height and weighs 148 g. This altar bell is compact and easy to handle during ceremonies. Its 15 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm makes it a perfect fit for your sacred space, altar, or ritual setup.



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