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280g box of black tourmaline crystals

Black Tourmaline Rough Crystals (280 g box)



This product is our 280 g box of rough black tourmaline crystals. Tourmaline symbolises protection and makes the perfect gift for you or a loved one. It’s nicely gift-boxed and contains a large amount of tourmaline. Crystals have many uses, including making jewellery, decorations, and healing. Keep them close to attract positive energy and repel negative energy.

Discover the power of black tourmaline

280 grams of protection and positive energy.

Our Black Tourmaline Rough Crystals are more than just stones; they symbolise protection and positivity. Whether you’re a crystal enthusiast or simply seeking a thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one, this collection of tourmaline crystals offers a world of benefits.

Versatile and meaningful

Use them for jewellery to energy work.

These natural tourmaline crystals have a multitude of uses. Create stunning jewellery pieces that adorn your body and serve as powerful talismans of protection. Decorate your living space with their raw beauty, adding a grounding energy and an air of mystique. Embrace the healing properties of Black Tourmaline by using it in your energy work. Or in your meditation or spiritual practices. As you explore their potential, you’ll find that these crystals have unique abilities. The gemstones will attract positive energy while repelling the bad.

A shield of strength

The gems offer protecting and clearing energies.

Black Tourmaline is one of the Earth’s most potent minerals for safeguarding against negative energy and dispelling obstructive thoughts, negative people, and spirits. It symbolises strength, grounding your spiritual energy and erasing energy blockages. Witches, spiritualists, and energy workers hold tourmaline in high regard. They know it can cleanse, purify, and anchor one’s energy to the Earth’s core.

Raw and natural

Straight from Brazil.

Our tourmaline crystals are presented in their raw, unaltered form. There’s no machine processing to diminish their natural essence. These gems are mined in the rich mineral veins of Brazil, each box contains 280 grams of these untamed gems. Their tactile, rough texture and earthy appearance tell the story of their origins. And it makes them a cherished addition to any crystal collection.

Strength and protection

Harness the energy of black tourmaline.

Tourmaline is a guardian against negativity and a symbol of strength. These gems promote courage and resilience. Its grounding energy helps you remain rooted in the present moment while dispelling fears and doubts. Whether you’re using these crystals for their protective properties or simply admiring their raw beauty, they are a powerful reminder of the strength that resides within you.


  • Weight: 280 g
  • Product size: 4.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 9.2 cm
  • Gift box size: 4.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 9.2 cm

Embrace the world of Black Tourmaline and invite its protective and grounding energy. Our rough crystal’s collection can make your life more positive. It’s time to experience the power of this unique mineral first-hand.

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