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360 Motion Puck
360 Motion Tracking Puck

360° Motion Tracking Puck


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The 360° Motion Tracking Puck is one of the most advanced pieces of ghost hunting equipment, and will help you to record the motions of the afterlife from all directions.

What does the 360° Motion Puck do?

The 360° Motion Tracking Puck allows you to track ghost and spirit motion and distance in the 360° surrounding the device. This incredible new technology allows you to track the motion all around the room, rather than in a particular direction, increasing your chances of capturing paranormal activity. This also allows you to detect where the spirit is and which area it is most inclined to inhabit.

This 360° Motion Puck is sophisticated to the point where it will inform you not only if something is there or not, but also the direction that it is in and also the distance, using both lights and sound. This is a huge advancement in ghost tracking, as it allows you to see the exact movements of paranormal entities including which direction they are moving in, which areas they prefer and how fast they are moving around, leading to much more informed readings. The use of infrared lasers gives you fast and accurate responses.


  • 360° Motion Tracking and Object Detection
  • Lights located all over the device which track direction and distance of paranormal entities
  • Sound alerts change depending on distance of spirits
  • Ability to adjust the distance and sensitivity depending on the area of investigation
  • Ability to recharge via USB
  • Can be run from a rechargeable USB battery pack as well
  • Small, lightweight, compact and easily portable

How does the 360° Motion Tracking Puck work?

The device uses infrared laser motion technology to detect paranormal entities so that you capture everything that goes on. The device is loaded up with lights around the entire perimeter, which allows it to tell you which side of the device the paranormal entity is situated. It can even detect multiple spirits which are moving in different directions, leading to a well-rounded reading.



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    Anna Dennis

    The 360° Motion Puck is freaking amazing! Hands down, the best piece of ghost hunting equipment we have now. It not only shows you which direction the spirit is standing in, it tells you the distance as well. And it can track multiple spirits at once! The 360 Motion Puck lights change colour and brightness and the sound volume and tone depending on how close and which direction the spirits are stood in, we have had some amazing results using this.

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