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50g bag of white sage leaves for smudging & cleansing

50g Bag of White Sage Leaves for Smudging & Cleansing




A large 50-g bag of loose white sage leaves comes from California. You can use the leaves to make your smudge stick or burn them as they are in a smudge bowl. And they make an excellent decoration for your altar or an offering to your deities.

Natives in North America have used white sage for many centuries. The natives burn the sage-like incense and use them for ceremonial purification and cleansing. The strain of these sage leaves is Salvia Apiana. And they are sourced from a reputable supplier in the US.


Elevate your spiritual practices with our Sage Leaves, sourced directly from the sun-drenched fields of the USA. Ideal for creating a sacred space, these leaves are perfect for smudging. You can also use them for cleansing rituals, altar decorations, or as offerings to deities. Experience the tradition of smudging with our high-quality, natural white sage.

Cultural and Historical Significance

Ancient Native American Tradition: White sage is also known as Salvia apiana. The plants have been treasured for centuries by Native Americans for their cleansing properties. It is used in smudging ceremonies to clear negative energies and bless spaces and objects.

Salvia Apiana: Our white sage is the US Salvia apiana strain, known for its potent aromatic properties. Sourced from reputable suppliers in America, these leaves carry the essence of the region’s unique terroir.

Versatile and Uses

Create Your Smudge Sticks: These loose leaves offer the chance to make your smudge sticks. Wrap them in a bundle with a string, creating a personal tool for your cleansing rituals.

Burn in a Smudge Bowl: Instead, you can burn the leaves directly in a smudge bowl. This allows for a more controlled and fast release of the sage’s cleansing smoke.

Altar Decorations and Offerings: These sage leaves also serve beautifully as altar decorations. And you can use them to add a natural element to your sacred space. You can use them as offerings to deities in many spiritual practices.



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    Haven’t used it yet, bet has a strong smell.

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