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50g bag of white sage leaves for smudging & cleansing

50g Bag of White Sage Leaves for Smudging & Cleansing



Large 50g bag of loose white sage leaves sourced from California. You can use the leaves to make your own smudge stick, or you can burn them as they are in a smudge bowl. Additionally, they make a great decoration for your alter, or an offering to your deities.

White sage has been used by natives in North America for many centuries. The natives burn the sage like incense and use them for ceremonial purification and cleansing. The strain of these sage leaves is salvia apiana and they are sourced from a reputable supplier in California.


  • Material: Natural Sage Leaves
  • Packed Weight: 50g
  • Bag Size: H25.5cm x W16cm x D4cm

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