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The back of the candle box
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6 new black beeswax spell candles boxed

6 Black Spell Candles for Banishing Negativity & Protection




Six black beeswax spell candles for witchcraft spells involving removing negativity and protection. The scent is light and natural, and the candles have a 1-hour burn time. The wicks are 100% linen and are not toxic; please do not ingest them. The six candles come in a beautifully designed gift box. And they make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


Join into the realm of the mystical with our Black Spell Candles. They’re crafted for witchcraft spells centred around removing bad and promoting protection. These candles, created from pure beeswax, are essential to your magical toolkit. Strengthen your rituals with their profound colour and natural properties.

Superior Quality and Make

Pure Beeswax Material: Our candles are made of superior-quality, natural beeswax. Beeswax is known for its clean and smokeless burning properties. Beeswax releases negative ions during burning. And it aids in air cleaning and creating a serene ritual atmosphere.

Subtle and Organic Scent: The understated, natural fragrance of beeswax enhances the sacred ambience. And it boosts the intention during your spell casting. This light aroma is ideal for those sensitive to more pungent smells.

Distinctive Design and Qualities

Deep Black Colour: Each candle is dyed a deep black, a colour connected with protection, known for absorption of bad energy and the mysteries of the night. Black is a powerful choice for spells involving protection. It repels negative energy and creates safe boundaries.

100% Linen Wicks: The candles are fitted with linen wicks. The wick ensures a burn that is non-toxic, safe and friendly. Linen wicks offer a consistent flame, crucial for maintaining the energy and focus of your rituals.

Safe and Mindful Usage

Non-Toxic Wicks: Our candles feature non-toxic linen wicks for a safer burning experience. However, it is important not to ingest any part of the candle.

Approximate 1-Hour Burn Time: Each candle provides about 1 hour of burn time, ideal for concise and focused rituals.



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