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70 cm star sign altar cloth in black with candles
70 cm star sign altar cloth in black no background

70 cm Black Altar Cloth with Star Sign Design




This black altar cloth with the star sign design is perfect for your rituals and magic spells. It’s like looking at the stars with the intricate contemporary zodiac chart design. The astrological design makes it an ideal choice for your altar, tarot card readings, rune placement and more! It’s 70 cm by 70 cm and is made of cloth; you can fold it for storage.

Elevate your altar with the zodiac altar cloth

Discover the celestial beauty and mystical allure of our Zodiac cloth. This black cloth with a captivating star sign design is the perfect addition to your rituals and magic spells. Step into the cosmos realm and harness the stars’ power with this exquisite piece.

Astrological elegance for your sacred space

The intricate zodiac chart design adorning this altar cloth invites you to gaze into the heavens. Each zodiac sign is expertly crafted, creating a stunning visual display of the night sky. Whether you’re an astrology enthusiast or drawn to the mystique of the stars, this cloth is a must-have for your sacred space.

Versatile for magical practices

Measuring a generous 70 cm by 70 cm, this cloth is not limited to a single purpose. It’s a versatile addition to your magical toolkit, suitable for various practices, including:

  • Altar Decor: Place it beneath your ritual tools and offerings to create an enchanting and harmonious altar space.
  • Tarot Card Readings: Enhance your tarot readings by spreading this cloth under your cards, infusing your readings with celestial energy.
  • Rune Placement: Utilize the cloth as a backdrop for casting runes, adding a layer of significance to your runic divination.
  • Spell work: Incorporate the zodiac’s influence into your spell work by using this cloth as the foundation for your rituals.

Crafted for quality and convenience

Our zodiac cloth is made from high-quality cotton with a soft touch. It weighs 52g, ensuring easy handling during your magical endeavours. When not in use, fold and store it without occupying space on your altar or your magic cabinet.



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