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7"x5" wooden tree of life storage box1
7"x5" wooden tree of life storage box3
7"x5" wooden tree of life storage box1

7″x5″ Wooden Carved Tree of Life Storage Box




This product is the hand-carved Tree of Life storage box. It’s made of natural mango wood and has the Tree of Life carved into the lid. It’s 7″ by 5″ and is ideal for storing tarot cards, jewellery, photos, and anything else precious.

Natural elegance and functional design

Introducing our Hand Carved Tree of Life Storage Box, a love piece crafted from natural mango wood. This storage box is adorned with a beautifully intricate tree of life carving on its lid. It combines both elegance and function in a single, enchanting package.

Versatile storage solution

With its ideal dimensions, this wooden box provides a versatile storage solution for your treasured belongings. Whether you want to safeguard your cherished tarot cards, keep your jewellery safe, or keep precious photographs, this storage box suits your needs. Its spacious interior offers ample room for various items. And it makes it a perfect addition to your home decor.

Crafted to perfection

The artistry of this storage box lies not only in its exterior design but also in the exquisite detail that goes into each piece. Hand-carved with precision, the tree of life motif symbolises connectedness, growth, and the enduring cycle of life. Its presence adds a touch of mysticism to your space while celebrating the beauty of the natural world.

Quality and longevity

This storage box is built to withstand time because it’s crafted from sturdy mango wood. Its solid construction ensures your cherished belongings’ safety, offering protection and style. The box’s quality is a testament to its built quality and a reflection of its timeless appeal.

A thoughtful gift

Are you searching for a unique and meaningful gift? Look no further. The Hand-Carved Tree of Life Storage Box is ideal for those who appreciate combined artistry and function. Whether for a special occasion or simply as a gesture of appreciation, this storage box makes for a thoughtful and versatile present that you or another can cherish for years.



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