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8GB EVP Recorder with Enhanced Audio for Ghost Hunting
Digital EVP Recorder with Enhanced Voice and Audio for Paranormal Investigators
Digital voice recorder Dictaphone for catching EVP's and spirit communication

8 GB Digital EVP Voice Recorder



The Electronic Voice Phenomenon Recorder or EVP Recorder is a key piece of equipment when ghost-hunting or carrying out a paranormal investigation.

What does the EVP Recorder do?

This EVP Recorder records Electronic Voices and Disembodied Voices. These voices and sounds usually occur at a frequency which is lower than the normal human ear can detect. This EVP Recorder is highly sensitive, and will allow you to capture these EVPs to play them back later for analysis.

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This EVP Recorder is small, lightweight and has a whole 8 GB of built-in memory so that you can record a long period of time during your paranormal investigation. It is sturdy and comfortable to hold, meaning you can easily hold it in your hand when walking throughout an area to inform the direction of your paranormal investigation. You can use it alongside your other ghost hunting equipment to identify the area where there is the most paranormal activity, then record in order to playback later and listen more intently.

This is an audio recorder, so you will need the area to be quiet to be able to then ask your question and leave some time for spirits to respond. It is worth noting that this is not a spirit box which sweeps radio stations to find any EVP’s, but a digital audio recorder which will record all the sounds in your environment.

EVP Recorder features:

  • Built-in Memory is 8 GB
  • USB Drive for connectivity to other devices/charging
  • Benefit of MP3 music playing function
  • Up to 140 hours of recording time for 8GN
  • 128 x 64 lattice screen
  • Different languages so that you can pick your preference
  • Indication that it is on and recording
  • A-B Repeating: Repeat a certain part of a file
  • Easy Deletion Function: delete any MP3 music files/voice files stored.
  • Delete all files in one click
  • Recording and replaying of recording files
  • USB Connecting to upload and download all files
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Built-in Lithium Battery

How does the EVP recorder work?

The Spirit Shack Handheld EVP Recorder for ghost hunting works by picking up extremely low-frequency sounds that we would be unable to hear with just our ears. This EVP Recorder is great for both paranormal investigators and individuals alike, and will give you the ability to listen into a realm which you would be otherwise unable to tap in to.

This EVP Recorder is high quality and highly sensitive. You can choose to record and listen back instantly with the earphones which are conveniently included in the package, or feed it in to your device such as your laptop to play it back at different speeds, backwards or forwards or in a number of different ways to analyse your findings. Uploading your findings to your computer or other device allows you to study the voices in greater detail, and gain insight into your findings which would have been otherwise left unknown.

EVP Recorder specifications:
  • 1x 8 GB Digital Voice Recorder
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x External Microphone
  • 1x Earphone
  • 1x Recording cable
  • 1x Phone line
  • 1x Telephone box converter
  • 1x English user manual (no wall charger, just charge by USB cable to PC)
How to use the EVP Recorder:

To use this Spirit Shack EVP Recorder for ghost hunting, make sure you achieve absolute silence within the area of which you are conducting your paranormal investigation. Make sure everyone who you are working with is standing still, and your equipment is either set to silent mode or turned off.

You may either hold this EVP Recorder in your hand, or simply place it down on a table or side while turned on and recording. If you have been using other equipment or have identified an area of activity, make sure to use the EVP Recorder in that area specifically.

Try asking questions out loud while using the EVP Recorder, as it will capture the responses to your questions even if you do not hear them at the time. If you prefer, you can plug in the earphones to instantly play back your recorded audio. If you choose this option, you can then use this recorder audio to inform the direction of your investigation, and tailor your questions depending on the responses you received.

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    Kirsimaria Seppälä

    Definitely the must-have device! I have got some great evidence.

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    Ghost Hunter Ghoulita

    Works fine. Good price.

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    Tracey Harrop

    Arrived well bubble wrapped and protected.

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    Not used it yet , bought for Christmas present but delivery was excellent

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    Excellent product does what it said.

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    Francis W.

    Very quick delivery. Product is perfect and as described. Very happy with my order and will be ordering again. Great company, the people know there stuff. Highly recommend.

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    Great product, great service.

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