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Acoustimeter AM11 RF Meter

Acoustimeter (AM11) Radio-Frequency RF Meter


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The Acoustimeter (AM11) RF Meter is a professional and effective radio frequency meter.

The meters are manufactured by EMFields, a leader in the industry. The Acoustimeter (AM11) RF Meter is a unique and high-tech equipment. It’s designed for precise measurement of radio signals which. Many devices emit RF, such as Wi-Fi routers and mobile cell towers.

This meter is unique because you can hear the reading audibly. It’s one of the best meters we’ve found through numerous trials at SpiritShack. It can paint a picture of the RF around the device using sound. This piece of ghost-hunting equipment works well for the ghost-hunting community. This is because spirits can manipulate an electrical signal, including radio. And it makes this piece of equipment perfect for paranormal studies. It allows you to tell when there are fluctuations in radio frequency.

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At Spirit Shack, we test our product line to bring you the best products in the world of ghost hunting. We have found the Acoustimeter (AM11) RF Meter to be great for any paranormal research. More so for beginners and if you have little experience.

How to use it

Before you begin to use the Acoustimeter ghost hunting, make sure to turn off devices. Such as any mobile phones or Wi-Fi within the vicinity, as they will affect the Acoustimeter.

You can turn the sound on or off, depending on your preferences. And the volume can even be altered depending on your requirements. You may require silence depending on what other ghost-hunting equipment you are using. Turn the volume all the way down with the easy-to-use buttons. They are located on the front of the device to ease the sound to your preferred levels.

The front of the Acoustimeter (AM11) RF Meter shows readings via LEDs on the unit. The number of lights lit up depends based on the radio frequency signal. It is a sensitive piece of equipment that will pick up on minute signals.

The Acoustimeter is lightweight and small in design. And it comes with a handy and professional carry pouch. Easily transport the piece of equipment alongside any other ghost-hunting equipment.

What does the Acoustimeter detect?

  • FM Radio
  • VHF Television
  • UHF Television
  • Mobile Phones
  • GPS
  • Cell Towers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Satellite Communications
  • 4G
  • Radio-frequency (RF)
  • Microwave


  • One of the most powerful radio-frequency (RF)/microwave detectors on the market
  • Suitable for 5G measurements
  • Fast response time as measures are taken thousands of times per second
  • Peak and average signal strength displayed on a clear LED scale
  • Readings displayed on a clear LED scale
  • Readings displayed on a bright OLED text screen
  • It can detect mobile phones, cordless phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi and many other wireless devices
  • Suitable for anyone with severe electro-sensitivity, as it is sensitive down to 0.02 V/m
  • Choice of an audible alarm that helps determine the source of exposure

The AM11 Acoustimeter is one of the most powerful radio frequency (RF) on the market. Some people refer to these devices as microwave detectors. It measures peak and average radio frequency signals. It uses LED lights on the front of the device and an audible alarm. The sound and lights will alert you to changes in frequency.

The AM11 detects signals from almost all modern wireless technology. It will detect RF from mobile phones, cordless phones, smart meters and Wi-Fi. This makes it a great addition to your ghost-hunting kit. It will show you when there are large fluctuations in any radio frequency signals. These fluctuations could be the result of a paranormal entity. It’s known in the paranormal research community that spirits can manipulate radio frequency. Any spikes and detections will show up on the device. This device has an audio output, which can help determine the exposure source.

Make your radio frequency audible

The Acoustimeter allows you to understand your environment in terms of RF (radio frequency). The device accurately measures all incoming radiation from 200 to 8000 MHz (8 GHz). And it’s a product of many years of real-life measurement experience. Here at SpiritShack, we have tested the device throughout many paranormal investigations. We have found it to be a great and accurate tool.

Radio-frequency readings show on a clear OLED text display, and two LED light sets. The LEDs on the device update instantly, helping you find any hot spots within the area. It’s ideal for you to conduct your paranormal research. Sound samples are available to help you identify what kind of signal your Acoustimeter is measuring. It allows you to become more informed with some practice. The sounds made by different devices change with time, so these are a rough guide only.

You may notice a slight hissing noise when no LEDs are lit. This is normal and is from the internal workings of the Acoustimeter and is, therefore, of no concern.

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