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The SpiritShack EVP Amplified Vibrational Microphone for Ghost Hunting allows you to boost EVP voices throughout a paranormal investigation.

What does the Amplified EVP Microphone do?

The Amplified Vibrational Microphone is a fantastic piece of equipment which will amplify ghostly voices which may not otherwise be heard by your ears. It is worth noting that this piece of equipment is not an EVP recorder, but it does come with headphones and a USB lead to charge it. When fully charged with headphones plugged in, you can use it throughout a paranormal investigation to amplify the voices of any paranormal entities or ghosts which are nearby.

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This EVP Amplifier Booster will pick up vibrations in the air, and convert them into sound, playing back through the headphones so that you can hear them. This is a key piece of equipment for informing the direction of your paranormal investigations. You can ask questions within the environment and have the possibility of getting an immediate answer if there are any ghosts or spirits present who are willing to communicate.

This product is an extremely sensitive Amplified Vibrational Microphone. It is much more sensitive than regular built-in microphones of recorders. It will pick up many more EVP’s than when you choose not to pick it, and paranormal investigators have seen success with the equipment time and time again. The voices and signals it picks up will be much louder and clearer. If you have been struggling to capture any Electronic Voice Phenomena throughout your paranormal investigation, then it’s a worthwhile investment. This microphone is guaranteed to offer much more improved results!


  • Amplification of voices of spirits
  • Easy and fast to recharge
  • Volume is sensitive and adjustable
  • Earphones are included
  • It can be plugged into your EVP recorder or used with earphones
  • Picks up vibrational sound
  • Highly sensitive
  • Can use to hear through walls and floors
  • Listen to voices live with headphones

How does the amplified microphone work?

So what is an EVP? It stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP and disembodied voices occur at a frequency which is too low for the human ear to detect or hear without the use of any boosting or recording equipment. This device amplifies audio signals so that you can hear them throughout your paranormal investigation. This is a key piece of equipment for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, as it feeds the signals back to you live through the included headphones, which can inform your investigation and what questions you ask, leading to move conclusive evidence.

The Spirit Shack Amplified Vibrational Microphone picks up vibrations in the air and converts them into sound. The device then amplifies the input to make it louder so that you can hear the quiet voices that it picks up.

You can plug in the headphones and use it without a recorder, which will allow you to ask and hear EVP’s love in the current moment. Alternatively, you can plug in the microphone directly into your EVP Recorder, which will record whatever it picks up. We have a large range of voice recorders for sale, so make sure to check them out if you choose this option! If you do want to do this, make sure you purchase a male 3.5 mm audio cable, as this is not included.


  • 10mA Power consumption
  • Built-in & rechargeable battery
  • Frequencies: 200Hz, 800Hz, 2000Hz
  • Measuring element sensitivity: -70db
  • Audio enlargement multiple 20,000x
  • Penetration Capability: Cement, steel, wood, iron, glass, cavity, brick
  • Output: 3.5 mm audio jack (Headphones or EVP Recorder)
  • Working temperature of -20° – +50°
  • Weight: 140g
  • Size: 43 mm x 36 mm
  • Includes 1x Amplified Vibrational Microphone
  • Includes 1x 3.5 mm Earphones
  • Includes 1x USB Charging Cable

How to use the EVP microphone

You have two options with this Spirit Shack Amplified Vibrational Microphone for Ghost Hunting. You can choose to either plug it into the earphones provided to get live amplified EVP signals, or you can plug it into your recorder (not included) to record the results to listen to them back or analyse at a later date.

This Amplified Vibrational Microphone for Ghost Hunting is handheld and small, meaning you can either walk throughout the area of your paranormal investigation while holding it and asking questions, or you can leave it on a nearby surface plugged into your EVP recorder for the best results. It can also amplify signals through walls and floors, so it’s worth moving around with it in order to experiment where you get the strongest signals or hear the most activity.

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  1. Rating

    Lola Hodgson

    I have always been lucky catching voices on EVP, but wanted to experiment with a vibrational EVP microphone. I used this with my Olympus EVP recorder and the results are very noticeable, it amplifies the voices, and they come through louder and clearer. Furthermore, I’m not sure how it works, but this thing is brill.

  2. Rating


    Brilliant piece of kit makes listening to ghost box much better.

  3. Rating

    Jamie Liquorish

    Made such a difference to my EVP recordings.

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