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Annabel Ouija board with planchette for spirit communication
Plastic planchette for use with an Ouija board
Ouija board rules and instructions leaflet
Annabel talking Ouija board with planchette for talking to spirits and ghosts

Annabel Spirit Board with Planchette

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The Annabel Ouija Board is a centuries-old piece of equipment for communicating with the paranormal.

What does the Ouija board do?

The SpiritShack Annabel Ouija Board is a classic Ouija Board with a twist. It’s Annabel themed and is 12 by 9 inches, meaning it is easily portable and can fit in your bag or alongside the rest of your ghost hunting equipment. It is a smooth board, allowing for easy gliding for the planchette without much friction.

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The Ouija Board is a game also known as a “Talking Board” or “Spirit Board”, and has been used for hundreds of years to communicate with spirits, demons, spirit guides, paranormal entities and angels. If you are a paranormal investigator or simply an individual who suspects paranormal activity within your household, then this Spirit Shack Annabel Ouija Board could be for you. It is worth noting that this is most definitely not a toy, and you should not tap into the paranormal realm without doing extensive research first or being with an experienced professional, as it could be dangerous.

The Ouija Board, which is also known as an Ouija Board Game, was created by Charles Kennard in the 1890s. He created the board because he noticed a rising interest in the occult and paranormal entities. He created the Ouija Board because he wanted to invent a “Talking Table” with the primary intent of encouraging spirits and paranormal entities to communicate with our world.


  • Classic Ouija Board Game
  • Includes the Ouija Board and Planchette
  • Great Entertainment to play with friends, or as a unique gift
  • Ghost Communication
  • Board Dimensions: A3 (297 mm x 420 mm) or A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
  • Made in plastic
  • Fully waterproof

How does the Ouija board work?

An Ouija Board is a tool which supposedly encourages those in the spirit world to communicate with our world. You use it during a seance, where all members of the group out their hands on the planchette, which is usually a wooden object made from wood with a hole in the middle. The group asks questions into the room, and the paranormal energy from ghosts and spirits makes the planchette move to different numbers or letters on the board to spell out words.

Ouija Boards were created in the 1890s with the aim of giving the power of communication with the dead to the average person or family. The idea was that groups, whether they were family or friends, could gather and use the board without soliciting the help of a medium or likewise. This was at a time when people were going crazy about the occult, and different methods of communicating with the dead were being experimented with left, right and centre. People were desperate for fast and effective ways to communicate with the dead.

The Spirit Shack Annabel Ouija Board is a straightforward tool that anyone can use to communicate with ghosts and spirits. You can use it from within the comfort of your home, or take it to an area where there is known to be a large amount of paranormal activity.

What’s included in the box?

  • Annabel Ouija Board
  • Planchette
  • Rules and instructions leaflet

How to use the board

Ouija Boards are traditionally used during a seance, which is a session where you attempt to communicate with spirits. Make sure your group are all aware that Ouija Boards are not games or anything to be taken lightly, and can be dangerous if misused. Participants should all be sitting in a circle with their hands on the planchette which is placed on the boards. It is helpful if you are sitting at a round table.

Then, you would all achieve quiet in the room and one person would ask a question into the room at a time. You should wait around 1 minute after each question is asked, to give the spirits and ghosts time to react to your question. If the planchette starts to move, remember which letters it goes to, as it could be spelling out a word. The planchette could also move to numbers on the board, or to the “Yes” or “No” section. Pay close attention to what it is doing.

The Ouija Board allows you to not only ask yes or no questions as with so many pieces of paranormal research equipment, but also allows sophisticated answers as spirits can form whole words or even sentences. This makes it a unique piece of equipment.

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A3 (297 mm x 420 mm), A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)

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    Ruby Kay

    I love this little Annabel Ouija Board, it’s small enough to fit in our ghost hunting equipment bag and it works perfectly. I like the creepy Annabel vibe too

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