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Antique Gold Angel Wing Tea light Candle Burner




This product is a beautiful angel-wing tea light candleholder that holds one candle. It’s designed with an elegant antique gold finish, which is eye-catching. The design depicts two angel wings, which wrap around and protect your candles. It makes a great addition to your home or altar.

Illuminate Your Space with Elegance

We want to introduce our Antique Gold Angel Wing Tea Light Candle Burner. It’s a breathtaking addition to your decor that seamlessly enlightens. This exquisite candleholder holds a single tea light candle and is adorned with an elegant antique gold finish. It instantly captures attention.

A Heavenly Design

At the heart of this candle burner lies a design that resonates with angelic grace. It’s made to resemble two majestic angel wings. It creates a protective embrace around your candle, symbolizing the warmth and comfort of celestial beings. This divine aesthetic enhances the ambience of your space. And it adds a touch of spirituality to your surroundings.

Quality Craftsmanship

Crafted from high-quality resin, this candle burner boasts an exquisite finish. Its intricate detailing and remarkable antique gold texture make it a great piece of art. Weighing just 208 g, it is both sturdy and lightweight, making it an ideal addition to any tabletop or altar.

The Perfect Size

Our Angel Wing candleholder measures 5 cm in height, 11 cm in width, and 12 cm in length. It’s a perfect fit for your tea light candles. With a packaged size of 12 x 11.5 x 6 cm and a total packaged weight of 235 g, it arrives carefully protected.

Versatile Elegance

Whether creating an atmosphere for meditation, adding a touch of spirituality to your home, or looking for a unique and meaningful gift, this product is a great choice. Its angelic design resonates with various beliefs and spiritual practices. And it makes it a cherished addition to any setting.



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