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Black and White Embossed Ouija Board Journal

Black and White Embossed Ouija Board Journal 17 cm



We want to introduce this black-and-white Ouija board journal! It was designed just for goths, spiritualists, and witches. This remarkable and unique design expresses magic, mystery, and spiritualism. Perfect for storing your deepest and darkest secrets. Ouija boards are well known for being powerful dark arts communication tools. On the front of the black book, you will see the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, yes, no, and goodbye. The sun, moon, and planchettes are bordered with intricate designs. The journal contains over 100 high-quality pages with a black ribbon to keep it closed.


Learn the mysteries of the spiritual world with our striking Ouija Board Journal. This beautifully crafted journal is a fusion of Gothic charm and spell craft. The design makes it perfect for those who tread the path of magic, mystery, and the occult. It is an ideal haven for your deepest thoughts, darkest secrets, or daily writing. And it’s inspired by the powerful imagery of the Ouija board.

Unique Design for the Mystical Mind

Ouija Board Artwork: The cover features the iconic elements of an Ouija board. From the alphabet, numbers 0-9, ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ and ‘Goodbye’. Alongside the sun, moon, and planchettes, all encompassed within intricate border designs. This design embodies the essence of spirit talking. And it adds an element of mystery to your journaling experience.

Gothic Aesthetic: The black and white colour scheme resonates with the Gothic style. It appeals to those who find beauty in the darker aspects of the spiritual realm.

High-Quality Features for Journaling

Over 100 Premium Pages: The journal provides ample space for writing. You can also use it for sketching or recording your mystical experiences. The pages are perfect for many writing tools, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable writing experience.

Practical and Portable Size: The A5 size of the journal makes it an excellent choice for everyday carry. It’s large enough for comfortable writing yet compact enough for easy transport.

Black Ribbon Closure: A sleek black ribbon ensures your journal stays closed and secure. The wrap protects your writing and adds an elegant touch to its looks.


  • Black and white unique Witches journal
  • Featuring our talking board artwork
  • Over 100 high-quality pages
  • A5 Ouija board journal

Journal Specification

  • Brand: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Coated paper, paper
  • Weight: 0.283 kg
  • Size: 17 cm
  • SKU: B4293M8
  • Barcode: 801269129545

The Ouija-themed journal is more than just a notebook. It’s a mystical companion that invites you to explore the unknown. You can use it for recording magic spells, sketching, or daily journaling. This journal is an excellent tool for those into the magical and the occult. Embrace the allure of the occult and let your thoughts and visions flow freely.

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