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Black EMF and Temperature Meter for Ghost Hunting

Black EMF Detector with Alarm



The EMF Meter with Alarm is an accurate and portable EMF Meter for paranormal research.

What does the EMF meter do?

The LDC EMF and temperature Meter with Alarm is ideal for your paranormal investigation. It is a unique and accurate device in the field of ghost hunting. It’s understood amongst the paranormal community that an EMF Meter is a must-have piece of equipment. It allows you to detect any nearby fluctuations in electromagnetic energy. These unexplainable spikes may indicate a paranormal entity at play within the area.
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The EMF Meter with Alarm for ghost hunting benefits from a backlit LCD screen. It includes a temperature meter, so you can also take temperature readings from your surroundings. This is a helpful addition to using it for ghost hunting. There are often large fluctuations in temperature when paranormal entities make themselves known. You also have the benefit of being able to change the temperature between Fahrenheit and Centigrade!

The batteries you need come with the device. So you can use it on your next paranormal investigation right out of the box!


  • EMF & Temp Meter with Backlight
  • Both Audio & Visual Alarm (Light and Sound)
  • Handheld and portable
  • Small & lightweight
  • Use throughout the investigation to easily monitor EMF levels
  • Battery operated

How does the EMF meter work?

It’s believed that spirits and paranormal entities affect electromagnetic energy. But no scientific proof suggests how ghosts affect nearby energy levels. Some believe that paranormal entities are made from electromagnetic energy. And some believe they draw electrical energy from their surroundings to power activity. For example, they may draw in energy to move something or make a noise.

This EMF meter reader for ghost hunting works by reading the electromagnetic energy within an area. It will alert you through an audible alarm if there are any energy spikes within an area. Electromagnetic energy is produced by various natural and man-made objects.

It is common for investigators to use EMF Meters to try and communicate with spirits. They may ask yes or no questions and look for spikes as a response. For example, a researcher may ask a spirit to spike the meter if they are a male. Paranormal entities can then trigger the device if they are willing to communicate. You can also use the device to track any spirits’ movement throughout an area. Or for finding spots where the most paranormal activity is happening.

Electromagnetic field meter specifications:

  • Power Supply: 3 AAA Batteries (Included)
  • Number of Axis: Single Axis Inductive Head
  • Sampling Rate: 0.5 Seconds
  • Test Mode: Bimodule Synchronous Test
  • Over Range Indication: LCD reads “HI”
  • Operating Temperature: 0~50℃, Relative Humidity 0~80%
  • Storage Temperature: -10~50℃, Relative Humidity: 0~70%
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Unit: mG; μT
  • Range of Magnetic: 0~2000mG; 0~200μT
  • Accuracy: ±5% (50μT to 200μT)μT at 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Resolution: 1mG, 0.1μT
  • Alarm Threshold: 40mG, 0.4μT
  • Temperature: 0~50℃ / 32~122℉
  • Test Bandwidth: 30Hz-300Hz
  • Relative Humidity 0~80%

How to use the EMF detector:

To begin using the EMF Meter for ghost hunting, fit the 3 AAA batteries included and turn it on. You can see the temperature readings to ℃ ℉ as you wish, and then the device is ready. Make sure you turn off any device which could produce an electromagnetic signal. This will reduce any false positives from man-made sources of electricity. And it will help to provide you with more conclusive evidence. This includes mobile phones or walkie-talkies on your person or within reach of the device. Once you have turned these devices off, wait 15 minutes before using the EMF Meter. This will help you to ensure the electromagnetic energy has adequately dissipated.

You have a few options when using this device. You can turn it on or leave it on a surface if you use other equipment that needs your attention. Or you can walk around the location with it, looking for different hotspots.

You may use it to communicate with paranormal entities. You can ask them to move within range of the device if they wish to communicate using yes or no answers. For example, you could ask:

“Is there anyone here who is willing to communicate? Trigger the device for ‘yes’.”

The EMF Meter is a useful tool for Ghost Hunters to use. It may allow you to detect the presence of paranormal activity within the location. This evidence can be seen on the device’s screen and heard through the device’s speaker. And it may even allow you to talk with spirits using yes and no questions. It’s a great product to begin your paranormal journey with.

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    Elliot Naylor

    This EMF Meter surpassed all of my expectation! It is accurate and portable, and the backlight comes in very handy for ghost hunting in the dark. The alert tone is set at a very low level, I was pleasantly surprised to know it could be changed. For the casual paranormal investigator who wants to detect EMF in a haunted location, you will NOT be disappointed.

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