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BooBuddy Interactive Bear

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The BooBuddy is an Interactive Ghost Hunting Bear. This BooBuddy Talking Bear is a high-quality, intelligent and interactive investigator. BooBuddy reacts to changes in the environment and asks questions about the paranormal, just like a human investigator.

BooBuddy is an EMF sensor, a motion sensor, a temperature sensor and a talking interactive ghost hunting bear. It detects EMF and responds with lights, it detects movement, vibration and temperature and responds with voice.

BooBuddy is one of the most intelligent pieces of ghost hunting equipment on the market because of its ability to actively respond to changes in the environment. It is highly recommended by many paranormal investigators, and has even featured in Forbes Magazine and Popular Mechanics.

What does BooBuddy do?

BooBuddy is an all-in-one highly intelligent and useful interactive ghost hunting bear. It has many different uses, and is great for interacting with both child ghosts and more mature spirits. Furthermore, it has a friendly voice and automatically responds to changes in the atmosphere, including if the temperature changes significantly, if there is movement around it, if there is any vibration around it or any changes in EMF.

BooBuddy has a range of responses which it will list off automatically depending on the changes in the environment. It compromises multiple sensors, and is a great all-in-one tool for any paranormal investigation.


  • EMF Detection – Responds with lights
  • Temperature Detection – Responds with voice
  • Movement Detection – Responds with voice
  • Vibration Detection – Responds with voice
  • Use of friendly voice
  • Asks a series of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) questions
  • Utilizes intelligent replies – dependent on the interactions
  • Conducts baseline readings in the first 30 seconds of turning on the bear to gauge any spikes or changes
  • Verbal responses are almost immediate

How does BooBuddy work?

BooBuddy Interactive Ghost Hunting Bear can measure the changes in the environment through the different sensors located in it. The product measures 4 main things:



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    Rachel Johnson

    The BooBuddy interactive bear works great, I’m very happy with my purchase. BooBuddy is very sensitive and seems to respond to everything, can’t wait to take him out investigating again!

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