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Book Of Black Magic Spells (IOS and Android App)



This is our Book Of Black Magic Spells app for Android and IOS. You can download it from the Apple Store from your IOS device, or from Google Play on your Android device. This app is packed with black magic spells. Cast powerful spells and curses with the black magic themed app.

Over 30 Magic Spells Included

This app is the ultimate guide, with over 30+ black magic spells to choose from. Including hexes, curses, love spells and death spells. Each spell includes the ingredients and materials needed, and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the spell.

Upcoming New Features

We are currently working on a new feature for this app, which will allow you to additionally add your own spells. This makes this app the perfect place to store all of your spells, even ones found elsewhere. It’s the no.1 app for black magic witches! Be warned, with great power comes great responsibility.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Each spell in this digital book includes the list of materials you will need for the spell, and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the spell. Rest assured; you will be guided through every step with this app. You can do what you do best and perform your magic.

Love spells, money spells and revenge spells

Are you looking for some quick cash, or to get back with a lover? Look no further, this app has all the spells you need to help you out in these situations. There are over 30 spells included, and we are working on adding more. And if you are feeling vengeful, there’s a revenge spell or to in there.

App Features

  • Over 30 black magic spells included
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to complete each spell
  • Each spell includes a materials list, which you can gather before starting
  • Just search through the spells list, and click the one you want
  • After completing a spell, just wait for the magic to take place
  • Remember to use the spells responsibly
  • Spells range from hexes, curses, love spells and wealth spells
  • These powerful effects that may change the course of events
  • User-friendly design with easy to use navigation
  • No ads at all in the app
  • Regular updates

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    I love spells, the occult, and other things people dub as strange and unusual. Bought this and so far, I like the app layout. It offers a good selection of spells. I will let you know how things go after completing my chosen spell. I love SpiritShack and glad I came across the website. Not only that, but I spend a lot of time watching the paranormal through Zac Bagans and ghost adventures/haunted museum, (one day I will visit the museum in person) he’s my idol for the paranormal world, and I aim to become a paranormal investigator myself, and also research myself in becoming apart from the Wicca community. Spirit shack has everything I need right here.

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