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The Book of Dreams hanging decoration from the side
Our dream book ornament from the back
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Book of Dreams hanging ornament

Book of Dreams Hanging Ornament 7 cm




Enhance your witchcraft décor with this Book Of Dreams hangable ornament! It’s a unique and exclusive design from the Witchy Wares Collection. It displays “Book” and “Dreams”, with a crescent moon in the centre. An array of moons, stars and swirls surrounds the edges. This ornament is crafted with the best resin and has been carefully hand-painted. This product makes the perfect item for any Wiccan, pagan or witch.

An exclusive design

Discover the exclusive magic of the dream book hanging ornament. It’s a lovely product from the Witch Wares collection, with “Book” and “Dreams” written above and below a central crescent moon. This unique design draws you into the realm of magic. The ornament’s careful detailing, featuring moons, stars, and swirls, makes it a witching piece for your space.

Craftsmanship and art

The Book of Dreams journal hanging ornament is a testament to fine detail and artistry. Crafted with care using high-quality resin, it seamlessly blends magic with elegance. Each ornament undergoes delicate hand-painting. And it allows this product to capture the celestial inspiration that defines its unique design. This quality ensures that every piece becomes a treasured part of your witch décor.

Perfect for magical souls

Standing at a height of 7 cm, the dream book hanging decoration is the perfect mystical item for your sacred space. Embrace its symbolism and let it resonate with your inner magic. Whether you identify as a Wiccan, pagan, or witch, this ornament reflects your spiritual journey. And it’s a reflection of your magical essence.

A collector’s treasure

Elevate your witchcraft décor with the enchanting dream book hanging ornament. It’s an exclusive design from the Witch Wares collection. It features detailing and celestial motifs that capture the essence of mysticism. This ornament is a collector’s treasure, crafted with high-quality resin and delicately hand-painted. It embodies both artistry and magic.



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