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Bronze Ancient Greek God Pan With Pan Flute Figurine 4
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Bronze Ancient Greek God Pan With Pan Flute Figurine

Bronzed Ancient Greek God Figurine – Pan With Pan Flute



Welcome to the Ancient God figurine, Pan! The stunning statue has a height of 30.5 cm and is painted in bronze. Pan is the god of the wild, nature, the windows, mountains, and music. He is the companion of the nymphs, a human’s torso, and a goat’s legs and horns. He sits peacefully on a moss-covered rock. Furthermore, he can play his rustic melody with his symbolic flute. It’s the perfect gift for any mythology collector or enthusiast.

Exploring Pan’s realm

Welcome to the captivating world of ancient mythology embodied by the Pan figurine. This stunning statue stands tall at 30.5 cm, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and hand-painted in bronze. Pan, the god of the wild, nature, shepherds, mountains, and music, awaits your admiration.

Pan is renowned for his close association with nymphs, and his unique appearance sets him apart from other deities. His body features a human’s torso and a goat’s legs and horns. He is creating a fascinating blend of the human and animal worlds. Pan is poised to enchant with his rustic melodies played on his symbolic flute as he sits serenely upon a moss-covered rock.

A Treasure for Enthusiasts

For those who appreciate ancient myths and legends, the Pan figurine is the perfect addition to your collection. Whether you’re a seasoned mythology enthusiast or a budding collector, this perfectly crafted piece is a treasure waiting to be cherished.

The statue is crafted with the highest quality resin, and the Pan figurine exemplifies unique artistry. Each intricate detail, from his expressive features to the texture of his surroundings, is hand-painted with a masterful touch. The finishing in bronze adds a timeless and antique allure to this remarkable piece.


  • Pan, the God of Nature bronze figure
  • Made using the highest quality resin
  • Hand-painted, finished in bronze
  • 30.5 cm in height

Figurine Specification:

  • Manufacturer: Nemesis Now
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Size: 30.5 cm
  • SKU: C1991F6
  • Barcode: 801269104986

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