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Our Elen figurine, the keeper of the forest from the back
The Elen statue from the side view
A close up of Elen, a forest gatekeeper statue
Bronze Elen keeper of the forest figurine ornament on a black background

Bronze Elen Keeper of the Forest Figurine Ornament


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This product is the Elen Of The Way’s figurine. Elen is the oldest Goddess in British history, also known as Mother Earth to pagans. She is beautiful and has a perfect bronze hand-painted finish.

Elen of the ways is the keep of the forest and is a big part of many witches’ religion and beliefs. This female pagan deity is unique because she is the only horned Goddess. She can be viewed as the female equivalent of Cernunnos. He is the male hunter, the god of the forest. She will make a lovely ornament for any pagan home.

A revered pagan goddess

Unveil the mystical allure of pagan tradition with Elen, the Forest Keeper ornament. This intricately crafted figurine pays homage to Elen Of The Way. She’s the ancient and revered Goddess deeply woven into British history and pagan belief systems.

Her captivating presence and exquisite bronze finish make her a symbol of nature’s power and beauty. She makes for a cherished addition to any pagan’s home.

A glimpse into pagan mythology

Elen is often regarded as the Mother Earth by pagans. She symbolises divine femininity and the guardian of the forest: her striking beauty and perfect bronze hand-painted finish radiate ancient wisdom and reverence for the natural world.

Elen of the Ways is prominent in many witches’ religions and beliefs. She plays a vital role as the Forest keeper. What makes her truly unique is her horned aspect. The horns make her the female counterpart to Cernunnos, the male hunter and god of the woods. Her presence in your home celebrates nature and connects you to the rich tapestry of pagan mythology.

A guiding light on your spiritual journey

She stands at an impressive 28 cm in height and is a guiding beacon on your path to enlightenment. Its carefully handcrafted design and bronze finish gives it an air of timeless elegance. She is crafted from high-quality resin so that this ornament will last a long time. And you can cherish Elen’s wisdom and protection for years to come.



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